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“Sojourner: A Tale of A Legal Immigrant” Chronicles the Riveting Journey of Belonging and Identity in America

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“Sojourner: A Tale of A Legal Immigrant” Chronicles the Riveting Journey of Belonging and Identity in America

May 23
23:18 2024
"Sojourner: A Tale of A Legal Immigrant" Chronicles the Riveting Journey of Belonging and Identity in America

How does it feel to be an immigrant? Perhaps many of us have never been through such a stage of leaving our land and moving to another land for survival and a better future; many people take such steps. If you desire to comprehend what it feels like, then you need to dwell into the pages of this book, “Sojourner: A Tale of a Legal Immigrant”, crafted by Norbert Jacobs. As an author, he has invited readers on a poignant and exhilarating journey with his memoir. Ideally, the inspiration to write this book author tenderly received his granddaughter.  The book revolves around a family from Belgium navigating the complexities of life in the United States.

In “Sojourner,” readers are introduced to a strong and determined Belgian boy who finds himself uplifted from his homeland by his equally determined father. With only Flemish as his language, he embarks on a tumultuous journey across vast geographies and cultural divides. From the challenges of language barriers to the harsh realities of prejudice, Jacob, in his journey, grappled with tyrannical authority figures, personal demons, and the relentless pursuit of his American dream.

Spanning from Catholic and public schooling to a transformative four-year stint in the Navy, “Sojourner” offers a riveting exploration of resilience and self-discovery from the vision of an immigrant. As the narrative unfolds, readers are drawn into a thirty-four-year career as a San Antonio police officer—a career marked by both heart-stopping moments and heartwarming camaraderie.

“‘Sojourner’ is not just a memoir; in fact, it is more than just a tale of immigration; it’s a testament to the human spirit,” says Jacobs from all of the experiences he gained when he moved to America, leaving his homeland away. “It’s about finding one’s place in a world of constant change and upheaval. Through the trials and triumphs of the protagonist, readers will discover the universal truths that bind us all together.”

About the Author

Norbert Jacobs is an author and retired police officer based in San Antonio, Texas. With a passion for storytelling and a wealth of life experiences, Jacobs crafts compelling narratives that resonate with readers worldwide. “Sojourner: A Tale of a Legal Immigrant” is his latest work, inspired by his own journey and the experiences of those around him.

Book Name: Sojourner: A Tale of A Legal Immigrant

Author Name: Norbert Jacobs 

ISBN Number: 978-1088231838

Ebook Version: Click Here

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