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Author’s Tranquility Press Presents: “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” by Diana Alvarez

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Author’s Tranquility Press Presents: “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” by Diana Alvarez

May 15
17:30 2024
Author's Tranquility Press Presents: "Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King" by Diana Alvarez
Embark on a heartwarming journey with “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” by Diana Alvarez, a tale that transcends boundaries and teaches invaluable life lessons.

Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” invites readers into a world of compassion, determination, and cultural richness. Author’s Tranquility Press proudly presents Diana Alvarez’s inspiring narrative that blends storytelling with essential life lessons.

In a world where every rooster is known for their morning tunes, Ricky the Chickee stands out. Born with a stutter that hinders his ability to carry a rooster tune, Ricky faces a unique challenge. Despite the odds, he is part of a family tradition spanning three generations—waking up the King of Hawaii. Can Ricky overcome his disability and carry on this proud family legacy?

“Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” goes beyond a charming narrative; it imparts crucial lessons to young readers. The story unfolds into a lesson on caring, overcoming adversity, and the impact of bullying. Ricky’s journey becomes a source of inspiration, emphasizing determination and the importance of helping those who may struggle to help themselves.

As readers follow Ricky’s tale, they are introduced to common Hawaiian words and a glimpse into the rich history of Hawaii. This cultural exploration adds depth to the narrative, providing an educational aspect that enhances the overall reading experience. This book garnered the London Book of Excellence badge.

Readers can immerse themselves in the warmth of “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King” by securing their copy on Amazon: Order Your Copy Here. Diana Alvarez’s storytelling prowess brings to life a tale that not only entertains but also educates, leaving a lasting impression on young minds.

About the Author

Diana Alvarez, through “Ricky the Chickee Sings for the King,” showcases her ability to weave storytelling with valuable life lessons. Her narrative captures the essence of empathy, determination, and cultural appreciation, making it a delightful and enriching experience for readers. She has also written two other books and are available through Barnes & Nobles, Amazon and other major book retailers.

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