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Global well-known cryptocurrency exchange DCE has announced a significant update

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Global well-known cryptocurrency exchange DCE has announced a significant update

March 09
22:21 2023

DCE, headquartered in the United States, complies with relevant laws and regulations in the United States and the European Union. DCE has passed the regulatory requirements for anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing by the US Financial Market Supervision Authority, which is one of the legal certifications that US cryptocurrency exchanges must obtain to ensure the legality and compliance of the platform.

This update will further enhance DCE’s transaction efficiency and security, making it more convenient for users to engage in cryptocurrency transactions. According to DCE’s official statement, DCE users come from all over the world, and the number of users from Asia is gradually increasing. Therefore, this update aims to expand its presence in the Asian market and increase support for mobile devices. This is also the first time that DCE has launched an APP, allowing users to engage in transactions more conveniently. To ensure the security of user data, DCE will store user databases in batches.

According to JORGE ALEJANDRO, the head of DCE: “Firstly, we see the potential and demand of the Asian market, so we hope to better meet the needs of Asian users through updates. Secondly, we noticed that the proportion of users using the APP is constantly increasing, so we launched an APP version to make it more convenient for users to engage in transactions. We are very pleased to be able to launch this update, allowing our users to trade more conveniently and protect their assets more securely.”

With the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market, more and more people are beginning to use cryptocurrency as an investment method, seeking higher returns. However, investing in cryptocurrency also faces many risks, such as market fluctuations, information asymmetry, and security issues.

DCE platform has provided more financial products and a safer trading environment through this major update, allowing users to invest in cryptocurrency with more confidence. According to JORGE ALEJANDRO, the head of DCE, the platform has introduced new financial products such as delivery contracts and DeFi machine gun pools to further meet the investment needs of users.

Delivery contract is a derivative product that allows users to trade at an expected price at a future point in time, avoiding risks brought by market fluctuations. The DeFi Machine Gun Pool is a decentralized finance (DeFi) application that provides users with a platform to use their funds for automatic market-making (AMM) strategies. When users deposit funds, the token supply in the pool increases, and the token price decreases correspondingly. When users withdraw funds from the pool, the token supply decreases, and the price increases. By injecting a large amount of funds into the market quickly through this automated mechanism, the product earns as much transaction fee as possible. This product not only expands DCE’s financial product line but also provides users with a stable source of income.

In addition to these, DCE has also launched activities such as daily sign-in rewards, encouraging users to actively participate in the platform’s updates and expanding the coverage of Asian users. In this era of globalization, the DCE platform is committed to providing more comprehensive services to meet investment needs in different regions and backgrounds.

In summary, this major update marks the rapid development and growth of the DCE platform. JORGE ALEJANDRO stated, “We will continue to provide better services and a more secure trading environment for our users. Not only have we expanded our product line, but we have also improved our user experience. We believe that these new features and products will bring more investment opportunities and stable returns to our users, enabling them to better manage their assets.”

The update fully reflects the platform’s focus on user needs, while providing more investment opportunities and enhancing the user trading experience through the introduction of new financial products. As a technology-driven cryptocurrency trading platform, DCE will continue to provide the safest and most stable trading platform for global users and promote the development of the cryptocurrency market.

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