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Children’s Dental Clinic Reveals Guide to Pediatric Dental Fillings

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Children’s Dental Clinic Reveals Guide to Pediatric Dental Fillings

February 27
19:12 2023
A children’s dental clinic has created a guide for parents who want to know more about pediatric dental fillings.

A children’s dental clinic has created a guide for parents who want to know more about pediatric dental fillings.

Desert Kids Dental in Las Vegas has posted key information on its website to help parents understand more about whether their own children might need fillings, what the process is and why youngsters need fillings, even though their ‘baby’ teeth will fall out.

A spokesman from the clinic said that they want to make sure parents were fully informed and felt an online guide would help to educate them on the need for pediatric dental fillings.

He said: “Maintaining the structure of a child’s mouth is important for their development. They need their teeth to chew food and as their speech develops, they need their teeth to be able to speak. Teeth are also needed for aesthetic reasons that help with communication to others, like smiling and facial expressions.

“We also must remember that preserving the baby teeth and making sure they are structurally sound and in place allows for the permanent tooth to erupt correctly and take its place.

“Any chips or cavities will be dealt with using a pediatric dental filling. Fillings help ensure the health and structure of the tooth, and it will make sure the child’s teeth all look the same and not damaged or discolored as a result of the decay.

“Parents don’t have to worry if their child needs a filling. They are minimally invasive procedures that will prevent tooth decay or any infection and they last from five to seven years,” he added.

Desert Kids Dental uses composite fillings that are made from Mercury-free, tooth colored resin, so they match with the look of child’s natural teeth. The composite fillings mean the dentist can preserve as much of the child’s natural tooth as possible and it hardens straight away, rather than having to wait 24 hours for it to set. This means that children can start eating immediately after the procedure.

The process is as follows:

  • The dentist will examine the child to look for any signs of tooth decay. They might take any x-rays to get a closer look at the damage below the surface
  • Nitrous oxide or an oralsedation is also available for any children who are particularly anxious. The Solea CO2 laser is used so that the treatment can be completed anesthesia-free.
  • The dentist will use the Solea Laser to numb the tooth, prepare the tooth for the filling, and remove the decay. The dental handpiece will be used at the end to refine the preparation.
  • The tooth is prepared for the filling by using an acidic solution, which helps the adhesive to stick to the tooth.
  • The filling is applied and molded to the shape of the tooth. The dentist will use UV light to help harden it before the tooth is polished.

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Desert Kids Dental is a dental practice dedicated to looking after the oral health and wellbeing of children. The clinic aims to promote positive dental experiences, so children go on to look after their oral health into their teens and adulthood.

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