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China New Product Development Service Gets Ahead By Building An Innovative Product

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China New Product Development Service Gets Ahead By Building An Innovative Product

February 06
11:42 2023

Most Private Label E-Commerce sellers know that the days of just picking up a product from China and putting your brand name on it is fast coming to an end, unless you have “exclusive access” to a market.

It is more important than ever before, to create real value by creating new products or making products better by adding or improving on features.

Combine that with the availability of crowd funding platforms like Kickstarter & Indiegogo and new products make even more sense.

If you are looking to develop new products from scratch, our New Product Development  service could be perfect for you. With our new product development service, we help you manage the entire process from an “idea” to a real physical product.

We provide 360-degree R&D solutions, working with a customer’s designers to offer innovative solutions at every stage of development. As experts in diverse fields, we deliver ideas in a multitude of areas, including material selection, product construction and aesthetics.


● Winning Supplier Support: With New Product Development projects the biggest challenge is winning supplier support. Factories normally do not like these projects as it breaks their “Mass Production” business model and requires them to make a lot of effort initially with no guarantees of large orders or the product being successful.

● Lost in Translation: New Product Development projects require a lot of communication with factories, trying to explain your designs, your moulds, your needs, and the message often gets lost in translation and these results to a lot of frustration for all parties lost. A factory sales person speaking enough English to take on an order and understanding complex product requirements can be very different.

● Client Involvement: New Product Development requires a lot of creative input both from our team and you. and a lot of patience too, therefore its important the client is dedicated to making the product a reality and has a realistic understanding of the New Product Development timelines.


Whilst many other companies can help you design or prototype a product, not many have the experience we do, in taking the product from a CAD design to a final product. We have done this time and time again and have established strategies, processes & the people to deal with the challenges mentioned above.We’ve worked with many clients who wanted to do a crowd funding campaign. Whether it be Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we can turn your idea into a finished product.Our experienced Account Managers will work on garnering supplier support, work out landed costs, deal with the molds and tooling, and pretty much everything else required to make your product a reality.When working with us, vertical integration happens quickly and swiftly, so there is no delay getting your product from idea to market. This is because we can take the product from a design to a production sample and then via our 360° Sourcing Service ensure it lands at your warehouse without any hiccups.For more details about our China New Product Development service, please contact us. A brief introduction to your project would enable us to reply to you with the relevant information.

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