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Prox Devices Introduces the Prox PRD Phone Reminder Device to Prevent Leaving a Phone Behind

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Prox Devices Introduces the Prox PRD Phone Reminder Device to Prevent Leaving a Phone Behind

November 25
20:09 2022

Forgetting one’s phone and leaving it behind can be frustrating; it could mean not having access to calls, texts, emails, contacts, GPS, or banking info.  The anxiety that one experiences when leaving a phone behind is extremely stressful, like when the phone is put down at the park and is unknowingly forgotten.

Prox Devices, Inc. has introduced the Prox PRD Phone Reminder Device — A secure and reliable way to keep an “eye” out for the phone 24/7.  It’s a viable solution to stop forgetting one’s phone, leaving it behind, and possibly losing it.  The PRD is lightweight, elegantly designed, and smart; it learns the user’s environments to ensure the most stable and robust connection with the phone.  Setting up the PRD is quick and easy — it requires no mobile app; just simple pairing with the phone via Bluetooth.

Prox Devices touts the PRD’s ability to provide consistently reliable separation and out-of-range alerts without false alerts.

The Prox PRD is built with patent pending Advanced Alert Technology and is the very first and only anti-loss phone separation alert device (phone reminder) with: 

– No mobile app required;
– No tracking (100% privacy);
– No false alerts;
– Adjustable alert distances;
– Smart learning; and
– Will alert before driving off without a phone even if the phone is temporarily turned off (such as during an OS update) 

The PRD doesn’t support impressively long alert ranges or extremely short alert distances, but instead focuses on reliable alerts by giving users five (5) alert distance options to choose from based on their surroundings.  All the PRD’s features help users have an optimal and natural experience, without interfering with their daily routine.

The PRD can be attached to a handbag, keys, backpack, or any other personal item that the user will have with them while on the move. 

Prox PRD is Different

Traditional trackers keep track of the most commonly forgotten items, except for the phone, which is the single most forgotten and lost item of them all. And a phone is needed for trackers to be effective because they rely on the use of a mobile app.  The PRD’s only job is to keep track of the phone.

Energy Efficient

If the user with the PRD is on the move, it will reliably alert before they drive off without their phone, but when the PRD is not moving for an extended period, the PRD will go into sleep mode to conserve battery life, and will wake up upon movement.

As an alternative use, if the PRD is left in the car and the user is away from it for an extended period, the PRD will disconnect and go into sleep mode after 15 minutes of inactivity, thus conserving battery.  When the user returns to the car and the car moves, the PRD will wake up and either reconnect with the phone (if the user has the phone with them), or it will alert to let the user know that they don’t have the phone with them. 

100% Privacy

Users’ personal and location data is never collected or sold.  With the PRD, there is no unwanted tracking.  No location data or location history is physically stored inside the PRD or even on the back end.


As a bonus feature, the PRD includes a shutter control for the phone’s camera.  Users can remotely take selfies or record videos anytime, anywhere.


The Prox PRD continues to see significant sales growth and shows no sign of slowing down, a testament to its wide appeal, so far Prox PRDs have been sold in 14 countries throughout the world.  The Prox PRD adds an additional layer of trust and confidence because it makes not leaving the phone behind an everyday reality.

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