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With Brands TEEL Beauty And TEEL Beauty Wellness, Tiera Lee Is A Military Veteran, Turned Entrepreneur

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With Brands TEEL Beauty And TEEL Beauty Wellness, Tiera Lee Is A Military Veteran, Turned Entrepreneur

November 14
12:39 2022
Tiera Lee is a self-made entrepreneur, yoga teacher, military veteran, and actress. She founded two businesses and still manages to pursue her acting career, gaining experience on sets with big-name producers like Tyler Perry and 50 Cent.

Tiera Lee is a self-made entrepreneur; upon completing her active-duty military contract with the United States Navy, she founded and launched two businesses. As a professional actress making her way onto the Hollywood scene, she managed to land a few opportunities with background casting for big-name producers like Tyler Perry and Curtis 50 Cent Jackson. Along with several other projects highlighted on her IMDb profile. Tiera Lee graduated from Lincoln Park High School as a Drama Major. The school is known for having one of Chicago’s top-performing arts programs. Acting has always been a passion of hers. After graduation, she took part in a few teen ensembles with some of Chicago’s top theater companies, like Steppenwolf and Victory Gardens.

Although it was important to her to continue gaining experience as a professional, she knew the importance of establishing a financial foundation for her future. So, with no traditional desire to attend college, she enrolled in beauty school at Mario Tricoci University. Simultaneously she worked a rigorous full-time schedule doing re-stock overnight at Walmart to support herself throughout the 11-month cosmetology program. She did successfully graduate, but with the influence of a US Army vet classmate that boasted about the benefits and opportunities the military had to offer. Instead of taking the state exam and working in a salon. She moved on to join and serve in the military. 

Beginning in business

Switching gears, Tiera Lee propelled forward into the world of business. Building a business from scratch is a massive accomplishment for any one person; it takes a great deal of work, dedication, and self-discipline. 

Based in Atlanta, GA, Tiera Lee is making waves with her impressive achievements. As a certified yoga teacher, Health Coach, and beauty guru, her businesses are Veteran-owned and operated. TEEL Beauty is a luxury skincare brand; as a cosmetologist, Tiera is well-educated on precisely what the skin needs. With her own self-care needs in mind, she worked with a master formulation chemist for over a year and a half to develop some fantastic custom-made skin care products. Customers rave about the wonders her “Reintroduce Me” mask and “Spot On” spot treatment cream do for their skin in the reviews found on the company’s sight and social media platforms.

TEEL Beauty Wellness is an extension of Tiera’s zen and ultra-healthy side of life. For this branch of the business, one can find pre-recorded yoga and meditation sessions online and, on occasion, catch her as she travels city to city throughout the US and on some military installations hosting in-person group classes. This health and wellness business has guided detox plans and sea moss available for purchase. The natural supplement has grown in popularity as a much-needed superfood, as it is overflowing with nutrients that produce significant health benefits instead of jumping from diet to diet or from one broken routine to the next. Through her wellness platform, she teaches how to incorporate these changes into one’s lifestyle to improve the overall quality of life. In addition to the detoxes and natural supplements, Tiera’s yoga and meditation classes are just the boosts needed for her clients to stay committed to leading a healthy lifestyle. 


Although she has a pretty exciting life, Tiera lives what she teaches while enjoying her life well-traveled with wonderful food indulgences worldwide. Yet, she takes time daily to rejuvenate her mind, body, and soul. To her, it’s all about balance. “It’s essential that while one enjoys the life they are blessed to live, time is made to take care of the body from the inside out. Always feeling as good as you look is the goal,” says Tiera. 

She has built a large following of nearly 34,000 people on Instagram alone. As her customer base grows, her business pages boast almost 4,000 followers combined. She continues to inspire a community of like-minded people who look to her for inspiration in all aspects of the lifestyle, from entrepreneurship, acting, beauty, and health and wellness. Tiera Lee has a more-than-impressive track record. She is a military veteran turned entrepreneur, yoga teacher, health coach, business owner, and actress. She spends her spare time bettering herself as she pours into her businesses, ambitiously scaling them to the next level. 

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