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New Massage Gun Competitor Enters the Scene in NZ

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New Massage Gun Competitor Enters the Scene in NZ

October 06
08:33 2022
New Massage Gun Competitor Enters the Scene in NZ

A NZ massage gun company Musclegun has entered the scene with a direct to consumer online pricing model.

Their new massage gun features a sleek aluminum design that is built to last.

Aluminum casing insulates the sound making it quieter than other models.

Plastic vs Metal Massage Guns

A metal massage gun will typically come with a higher price tag however this also allows it to withstand more bumps and knocks when taking it on the move and handles heat dissertation better when compared to the plastic models.

Metal massage guns also tend to be heavier too, the Musclegun weighs approximately 2kgs without any attachments. The battery has been located in the handle with this in mind, this weight distribution makes it easier to hold for extended periods of time.

How to use a massage gun

Start off by choosing one of the 6 attachments that come with the massage gun. There are no set rules for which attachment has to be used for each muscle group however it is a good idea to start with larger attachments on larger muscle groups to get a feel for it.

Once that is sorted, turn the muscle gun on by holding down the control button. The speed can be adjusted by tapping this same button.

Gently float the moving head over the area to be massaged – start off gently and press down with a pressure that is comfortable. Be careful not to press too hard with a point attachment or else this may cause bruising in some people.

Most people can use a massage gun multiple times per day without issue.

What about stall force and amplitude?

Stall force and amplitude are common terms in the massage gun space.

Stall force refers to the amount of direct pressure required to make the unit stall and stop working.

Amplitude refers to the distance the head travels.

In theory, you want a high amplitude device with a high stall force however this is not always possible as the lower the amplitude, the higher the stall force should be due to the head being closer to the gun’s body which is advantageous to the motor.

What should one look for in a Massage Gun?

When comparing massage guns, it may be a good ideal to shop around and look for something that excels in quality, battery life, and noise levels.

Higher quality materials and construction will usually come with an increased price tag however it will also last longer. There is nothing worse than buying a flash new gadget only for it to stop working after a few uses.

Media Contact
Company Name: Musclegun Massage Gun
Email: Send Email
Phone: 0800 624 038
Address:130a Peverel Street Riccarton
City: Christchurch
Country: New Zealand
Website: https://musclegun.co.nz/blogs/news/best-massage-gun-available-in-nz