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David Allen Capital Is The Go-To For Small Businesses, Self-Employed Workers, And More For Financing Needs

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David Allen Capital Is The Go-To For Small Businesses, Self-Employed Workers, And More For Financing Needs

October 06
06:24 2022
Small businesses and self-employed workers no longer need to rely on big banks for their financial needs. David Allen Capital has everything covered with their simple online applications.

For the small business or self-employed worker, finances can be difficult. Obtaining a loan or a line of credit is often necessary to purchase what one needs to get started. Without a history of income for that business, big banks often deny the applications and leave the small business or worker wondering how they’re going to proceed. 

David Allen Capital is fixing that. They’re dedicated to serving those small businesses and self-employed workers to ensure everyone has the chance to succeed without worrying about the protocols and denied applications from big banks. 

David Allen Capital’s services

David Allen Capital has multiple options for future clients. Gig-workers can receive fast funding for things like renting equipment when they’re awaiting payment from the event they’ll be working at. Small businesses can obtain capital or a line of credit to make a purchase for anything they need to get started or keep their work going. 

Self-employed workers often struggle with a salary when they’re trying to get their name out there and get enough work. David Allen Capital has options for them for loans to get cash flow moving until they can get themselves set up enough to pay their salary. 

They even provide a payment processing service. Many credit card companies charge the business for each transaction a customer completes. David Allen Capital helps lower this cost by up to 95% with their assistance in cash discounting. By providing a small percentage discount for customers making their payments in cash, the business saves money on not receiving those fees from credit card companies. They have many options to upgrade the POS systems to make accepting cash and processing transactions even easier. 

An easy, risk-free process

David Allen Capital wants to make it easy and stress-free for everyone to get the financial help they need. The entire application process can be done on their website. It’s quick to complete, and it’s completely free to fill out and submit, no matter what a business or worker is applying for. 

Gig-workers can apply for up to $25,000 with an instant offer upon completion of the application. Once approved, funds will be dispensed within a week. 

Businesses can apply for up to $2 million, with rapidly released funds hitting the business account within a week. 


David Allen Capital is making financial assistance a painless process for small businesses and self-employed workers. They no longer have to rely on big banks approving their loans to get the capital they need to start their business or keep it going. 

The free application is completed on the David Allen Capital website with the potential for immediate approval. Once approved, funds are rapidly dispersed so a business or worker can keep moving with their work and not have to wait for the typically long lead times of a big bank. 

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