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Get Translation Earbuds Timekettle Wt2 Edge When Travelling Abroad

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Get Translation Earbuds Timekettle Wt2 Edge When Travelling Abroad

September 29
22:27 2022
Get Translation Earbuds Timekettle Wt2 Edge When Travelling Abroad

Get Translation Earbuds Timekettle Wt2 Edge
With translation services of over 40 languages in dozens of accents, this translator device -timekettle earbuds give you the edge over everything else.

GUANGDONG – SEPTEMBER 29, 2022 – One would never have thought that one would say headsets would come this long. Invented just 15 years after the telephone, it has virtually outlived the latter! Make no mistake, traditional telephones are dead and buried. The cellphone we use today was invented by Martin Cooper in 1972 and it wasn’t available commercially until 11 years later in 1983. But earbuds had the same inventor as the French engineer Ernest Mercadier. And in this new century, translation earbuds have found the companionship of artificial intelligence, brought together in a brand new way for people to speak and interact with each other, on a global scale, in their own languages. And this has been made possible by the one and only — Timekettle.

The TimeKettle app is available for both Apple iOS and Google Android, it’s one of the best app for mexican spanish when translate mexican to english. It’s the same application regardless if you have an M2, Wt2 Edge headphones, or Zero speaker so it works seamlessly with all devices above.

Group chat is a really cool feature that allows up to 40 people in one meeting without having them speak the same language. It’s easy enough just to create your group and then invite others.

When you start talking with someone who doesn’t understand what we’re saying, it actually turns into a text-based conversation so everyone can follow along while also getting translated automatically on screen if needed.

This could be powerful for companies who invest money into rolling out voice-activated assistant technology across all staff but there may still be some limitations depending on how technical conversations get between different sectors

The Timekettle WT2 Edge — is the aptest representative of what true translation earbuds need to be in 2022. It is not just any other earbud or headset. It is the world’s number one Real-Time Two-Way Translation Earpiece with an AI translator, smart noise reduction, and bi-directional recognition! It is so elegant and magnificent that it can translate over 40 languages in 93 wildly different accents with over 95% accuracy!

If you are going to visit a foreign country or be in a place where dozens of foreigners from different nations are going to be, The wireless to wireless translator earbuds Timekettle WT2 Edge is going to be of the most helpful for you. This set of earbuds is exactly what you need to converse flawlessly with them every time you go to a foreign country.

“We are glad about the rave reviews our product has received. Regular people, travelers, diplomats, dignitaries, and plenty of others who talk to people of a different language have bought this and are delighted with the product. And why not? These earbuds can be used for multiperson meetings, remote group chatting, 13 pack languages offline, over 95% translation accuracy and so much more! Try Timekettle WT2 Edge today, and talk to foreigners easily every time you travel”, said the Production Manager at Timekettle.


Timekettle is a tech firm based in China that is committed to building a global brand of AI translators by integrating cutting-edge technology and innovative design through the combination of artificial intelligence and hardware technology.


Address – Building A#612, Minqi Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong 518000

Phone Number – +1(833) 491-1328(EN)


Email – [email protected] 

Media Contact
Company Name: Timekettle
Contact Person: Simon.Ding
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Phone: +1(833) 491-1328
Country: China
Website: https://www.timekettle.co