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Dreamy Fortune wholeheartedly contributes to charity and helps more people get out of trouble

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Dreamy Fortune wholeheartedly contributes to charity and helps more people get out of trouble

September 29
19:12 2022

Philanthropy is the behavior showing love of humanity, the effort to increase the welfare of humanity. Increasing love among human beings and expand human welfare by means of relief, aid, or donations. Philanthropy is the voluntary act of giving love and assistance and engaging in a social cause to help the weak and the poor.

Established in France in 2018, Dreamy Fortune Group Limited is a network company that provides marketing services for Internet companies. At present, Dreamy Fortune Group Limited has successfully entered the markets of USA, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and Germany, and has won reputation and recognition. The company is currently launching an interactive alliance advertising service platform in New York, USA, focusing on cooperating with major shopping malls around the world to provide them with online promotion services.

As an international company with a strong sense of social responsibility, Dreamy Fortune is not only successful in business but also actively contributes to global philanthropy. The Australian wildfires, the new crown epidemic, the Bangladesh floods, the Russian-Ukrainian war, the Somali drought, the Canadian storm…In these disasters, the company has actively raised supplies and funds to support people suffering in different areas, helping millions of people, giving them a helping hand in times of crisis and relieving their immediate needs.

On 28 September, Ms Stephanie, CEO of Dreamy Fortune Group, was invited to attend a charity gala where Dreamy Fortune Group’s achievements were recognised and the organisers praised the Group’s philanthropic efforts and encouraged Dreamy Fortune Group to continue its efforts to achieve further success, and called on the community to promote Dreamy Fortune Group’s entrepreneurial model.

In the years of philanthropy, Dreamy has deeply realized that charitable donations can only be used for a moment of urgency, but cannot help people truly get out of their predicaments. To truly eradicate poverty and help more people out of their plight, we need to provide them with good employment opportunities and lucrative rewards. Dreamy Fortune Group’s contribution to the society is huge, and he has brought a new development direction. But one Dreamy Fortune Group is not enough, we want more people to get involved in this cause, to get out of trouble and then help others, to form a virtuous circle.

The current main business of Dreamy Fortune is to increase the exposure and sales volume of e-commerce merchants, as well as the popularity of merchants, and to help merchants get recommendations from their platforms, and get some rewards from the merchants. Dreamy Fortune is to decompose the needs of these e-commerce seller customers into network tasks and publish them to our members. Members perform tasks in accordance with applicable rules, increase the exposure of the store, and attract more attention. This is a good development model, which not only allows you to embark on the road of financial freedom, but also contributes to global philanthropy and realizes the value of life.

Dreamy Fortune’s model has helped the charity immensely, not only by helping many people in distress, but also by giving these people back their confidence and realizing their value to then help more people in need. We are confident that Dreamy Fortune Group will become an Internet unicorn and that those partners who grow with Dreamy Fortune will leave a glorious footprint in the history of world philanthropy.

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