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A Solution to Help Counteract “The Great Resignation”

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A Solution to Help Counteract “The Great Resignation”

September 26
16:24 2022

Why are so many people leaving the job market these days, hailing the advent of The Great Resignation? The answers are many.

One of the main reasons is that some employees feel they can make more money freelancing or working somewhere else for a bump in their base pay. And in fact, if they just focus on that, in many cases they are correct. 

On average companies provide benefits worth 43% more of pay, and many companies offer a whole lot more. Many employees, after leaving a company, end up with a less generous total package than what they had. 

If only someone had enlightened them. 

COMPackage created the World’s 1st DIY Total Compensation Statement solution. It enables companies to easily create total compensation reports that illustrate to employees all that they’re truly receiving.  

According to the latest survey performed by Voya, one-third of American employees do not understand the benefits they selected during open enrollment – while the remaining two-thirds want their employer to help them better understand all of the benefits their employer provides. 

COMPackage offers a simple yet comprehensive solution to this problem: a system that can be used to easily deliver year-end reports and performance review statements, plus it can serve as a powerful recruitment tool. 

The COMPackage Total Compensation Report software runs over the cloud on your desktop or laptop. Businesses that use this program can perform a report based on any 12-month period (past, present, or future). Users can customize any category name, and even include non-payroll items in the report. 

“If you can put a number to it, you can include it in a COMPackage statement,” says COMPackage founder Joe Blattner. 

And now, COMPackage total compensation reports can be delivered digitally via a secure process to your work-at-home or travelling employees, and/or printed and handed out at work, and/or sent in the mail. It’s the customer’s choice.

Traditionally, companies outsourced year-end reports, spending thousands of dollars per engagement. COMPackage’s solution allows companies to streamline this process by allowing them to prepare all reports in-house at very little cost, and no add-on expense for either customer support or annual updating of government mandatories.

According to the company’s CEO, Joe Blattner, “When potential candidates see how much they can receive in benefits through the report’s powerful use of graphics, colors, and design, they’re more likely to think about their total compensation, instead of just their base pay, when making their employment decision.” 

COMPackage total compensation software’s main draw is that it enables employees to accurately understand the entire financial potential of their job. 

Most employees value, at some level, the fact that they get health insurance. What they may not realize is the value of all the other benefits you provide. After all, companies spend upwards of 20% of operating expense on a host of benefits to keep their people happy. Tools like COMPackage allow employers to include every conceivable benefit their company provides. 

The COMPackage total compensation software system can also be used as part of a performance review. Currently, it is the only platform that allows employers to launch performance reviews anywhere, and at any time, for one employee or thousands. Furthermore, it can be used to illustrate past, current, and future performance periods. 

Hundreds of HR managers, payroll administrators, and CEOs have used COMPackage’s program as an invaluable tool in improving employee communications and providing business transparency. 

Becky Bertolasi, Administrative Manager of La Monica Beverage in Illinois, shared that COMPackage’s Total Compensation Statements system was instrumental in ensuring their employees understood their benefits.

She said, “We had no way to calculate the true cost of our fringe benefits until we found COMPackage. Their software allows us to show employees that their fringe benefits add up to an additional 42% to 52% to their annual compensation.” 

COMPackage’s Total Benefit Statements software is a versatile platform designed to help individual business owners. There is also a professional version for insurance agencies, HR consultants, and accounting firms to use for their client companies.

More information about COMPackage and its Total Benefit Statements program is available on the company’s official website.

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