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Romeo Property Valuers Is Making It Easy To Obtain The Valuation Of Assets Needed For SMSF

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Romeo Property Valuers Is Making It Easy To Obtain The Valuation Of Assets Needed For SMSF

September 23
01:06 2022
With compliance laws in place for self-managed super funds, a valuation of assets is required to confirm that compliance. Romeo Property Valuers has multiple options available for the valuation of assets to remain compliant.

When it comes to SMSF or self-managed super funds, there are numerous compliance laws in place that can become overwhelming. In order to confirm that an SMSF is complying with all applicable laws, one needs to obtain what is known as a valuation of assets. 

This valuation is necessary to get the correct information to the Australian government. They need to know that the proper financial accounts and statements have been created and maintained for the SMSF in question. Acquired assets and investments between this report and the last must be provided as well to keep the value of the SMSF up to date. 

Essentially anything gained or lost in the value of the SMSF, based upon multiple reasons, needs to be accounted for and provided so that the true current market value of the property is known and kept up to date. 

Where Romeo Property Valuers comes in

With all of the possible back-and-forth transactions and values in a given year, it can become overwhelming to track them all. Not only that but being able to determine the current market value of a property requires someone who is an expert in the real estate field. 

Romeo Property Valuers can provide everything needed with an expert team standing by. They are able to provide a valuation of assets for residential, commercial, industrial, and even acreage properties. When getting a valuation of assets with Romeo Property Valuers, one can expect:

–  A description of the asset
–  The purpose and context of the valuation
–  The date the valuation was completed
–  The method used to determine the value
–  What the specific value is
–  Any information or assumptions that were used to get this value
–  Any material risks
–  An explanation of material differences
–  Expert reports and the use of experts
–  The terms of the engagement
–  The relationship between the valuer and the client
–  Working papers
–  Any disclaimers and indemnities
–  Valuer’s details

This valuation will be able to meet all legal requirements, ensuring proof of compliance with the SMSF. 


Romeo Property Valuers is staffed with only the most qualified professional valuers. The valuer assigned to a specific SMSF will be there every step of the way, from an in-person inspection of the property being valued to detailed and extensive market research to give the most accurate values possible. 

Their reports are of the highest quality to allow ease of replication and will be completed only by a qualified and experienced professional. 

Romeo Property Valuers is incredibly flexible with what day works best for their clients to conduct the onsite inspection, and they promise reports back within 24-72 hours. If a valuation is needed urgently, the Romeo Property Valuers team is more than willing to work with clients on a timeline. 

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