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Introducing Next Capital: Early-Stage Investments Made Easy

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Introducing Next Capital: Early-Stage Investments Made Easy

September 22
20:54 2022
Introducing Next Capital: Early-Stage Investments Made Easy
Next Capital’s veteran team possesses a wealth of experience within DAOs, Venture Capital, Launchpads, CEXs & traditional finance and is ready to assess and advise a project’s go-to-market strategy.

Investing has taken many different forms over the course of the crypto industry’s lifetime. Some of the most notable examples include ICOs, IEOs, IDOs, and as one of the last big attempts to revolutionise investments into fresh offerings – INOs. These methods of accessing new projects and investing early have often promised a lot, but most have disappointed for one reason or another.

While launchpads do provide some value, flaws in the launchpad market are clear to see for many – the industry is moving on. After all, the crypto industry is itself still finding its identity and everyone involved is looking for the best method of investment for both investors and startups. 

Why are launchpads a thing of the past?

One could talk long and hard about the why, but the bottom line is that they are too expensive to enter and not rewarding enough for investors. Often entry-level access offers a handful of tokens in return for thousands of dollars to join. The cost for those tokens held far outweighs the potential gains for joining these ‘elite’ groups and many of the projects lack the required longevity to offer long-term gains for investors.

It is well known by now, what happens when something ends up being overly expensive. While this is often not a problem for the wealthy, it is for an average person, and average people are the ones who make up the vast majority of the true crypto community.

And so, with the launchpads out of the picture, the aforementioned crypto community once again spread their wings, searching for a profitable solution, and they may have found it in syndicate investment groups.

Are syndicate investment groups the future?

Just like money and technology, the concept of investing has started to evolve in recent years. Before, it was exclusively the rich and powerful who invested in start-ups, utilising their financial clout to mitigate any risk and monopolise the early-stage funding market. This may have changed, with the arrival of syndicate investment groups such as Next Capital – Next Capital offers free-entry access to their community and charges a small management fee only on the investments one chooses to make, far greater value than any launchpad can offer. In return for that small fee, the syndicate managers do all the due-diligence necessary to facilitate these early-stage opportunities and offer all the details and documentation for their investors to make an informed investment decision.

Investing as little as $250 in projects previously only Warren Buffett and his inner circle of Silicon Valley friends were invited to, It seems like the utopia of true decentralisation, but the good part is – it’s true.

This is why many have started to ditch the launchpad revolution and move towards this hybrid VC structure, which is exactly where the expertise of Next Capital pays off.

Why Next Capital?

Next Capital is a syndicate investment group run by a team of experienced crypto veterans who have over 40 years of marketing & finance expertise combined. They feature a $2m+ investment portfolio with over 25 strategic partnerships and their primary goal is to help fund the future of technology.

The company holds a strong philosophy that proposes three pillars of capital — industry knowledge, marketing power, and connections within the industry.

Industry knowledge is of huge importance and something that has already been mentioned. The company has a veteran team of experienced investors and advisors at the helm who possess a wealth of experience working within DAOs and Launchpads, but also CEXs, Venture Capital, and other areas of traditional finance. They are ready to assess and advise new projects about all stages of action, including marketing, funding, and their go-to-market strategy.

How can one invest with Next Capital?

Investing with Next Capital could not be easier! It firstly requires one to join their community on Telegram. Within that Telegram group, anyone can discuss with fellow investors and find out which deals are being proposed next. Once one has completed everything necessary and wishes to start investing, one will be asked to send the funds to the investment pool for the chosen project.

It’s as simple as that. Distribution is handled by the Next Capital team. Regular updates are made from their announcements channel and the customers won’t miss a thing. A friendly team of moderators will always be there to meet the needs of the customers and answer any relevant queries.

With the world moving towards decentralised trading, decentralised internet, decentralised communities, and really decentralised everything – it makes sense that investment opportunities are accessible by the many, and Next Capital is pushing that to the next level.

Be sure to check out Next Capital on their Twitter and Website to find out more.

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