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“Real or Not by Authenticate Pro” Assists Customers in Rapidly Authenticating Products from 600+ Brands

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“Real or Not by Authenticate Pro” Assists Customers in Rapidly Authenticating Products from 600+ Brands

September 18
07:00 2022

Whittier, CA – Authenticate Pro, a leader in loss prevention and counterfeit goods detection, has announced the release of a new mobile application called “Real or Not by Authenticate Pro.”

According to Authenticate Pro, the leader in loss prevention and counterfeit goods identification, a new smartphone app called “Real or Not by Authenticate Pro” has been released. Customers can reduce the likelihood that they will buy or sell a fake within minutes by using this powerful and effective new program, which they can use with the assistance of professionals, to confirm the authenticity of goods from hundreds of physical, online, and resale markets.

Customers can check the authenticity of a product from any of 600+ brands by downloading the “Real or Not by Authenticate Pro” app, taking clear images of the item, uploading it, and then waiting for a “pre-authentication” from a validated brand specialist. Following this, friends and other experts can vote on whether or not they believe the item to be authentic, with the results displayed immediately.

Moreover, Ray Salem, the CEO and founder of Authenticate Pro, stated, “We are pleased to empower customers with a new tool that will restore trust in the marketplace for millions of people around the world who are looking to purchase resale items but are wary of the counterfeit goods that are currently flooding our marketplaces.”

“This app will provide the world with a solution to combat counterfeit goods”, adds Ray Salem. In addition, he stated, “As consumers increasingly lose money to counterfeits, Authenticate Pro is helping to keep it where it belongs most – in their pockets.”

According to various reports, the economy loses a total of $1.7 trillion annually as a direct result of the sale of counterfeit goods, which also causes consumers to lose a significant amount of money and experience emotional distress because they believe they are purchasing an authentic product. Authenticate Pro is willing to take on the big fight against counterfeiting.

Please visit AuthenticatePro.App for more information, or download the app from Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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Company Name: Authenticate Pro, Inc.
Contact Person: Ray Salem – CEO and Founder of Authenticate Pro
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Phone: 800-395-7172
City: Whittier
State: Califonia, 90602
Country: United States
Website: https://authenticatepro.app/