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Introducing a New Way to Grow a Business and Profit from Offer and Marketing Expert, Gavi Zeitlin

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Introducing a New Way to Grow a Business and Profit from Offer and Marketing Expert, Gavi Zeitlin

August 11
20:27 2022
The new FED interest rates and inflation are stretching startups and businesses – but Gavi’s F.I.R.E Offer Framework gives them a way to fight back

In July 2022, the Federal Reserve took the historical move to increase interest rates by 75 basis points – and it looks likely that they’ll continue doing this as inflation continues to be higher than the expected targets. The businesses hit hardest by this are startups and small businesses that are either just profitable or are not yet profitable, and have been relying on low-interest loans to keep their businesses afloat. With the Fed’s interest rate increase, access to capital is just getting harder.

“We’ve been in a time in the past 10 years or so, where startups and businesses have had the flexibility to focus on growth, through low-interest money,” says Gavi Zeitlin, an offer expert who helps businesses and startups in the tech and service industries grow their revenue and profit. “It enabled many businesses to focus on growth, many times at the expense of one of the most important things in business, profit.”

Another point that has impacted businesses and startups has been inflation, which has dramatically increased the costs of operating a business. The official CPI number typically used to calculate inflation reached 9.1% in July, with many everyday items reaching a 20-30% increase, impacting the expense column for many businesses.

“Inflation is a killer for a business as well as individuals,” continues Zeitlin. “We’re going into a time now where the smart businesses are looking at, and refining, the most important thing in their businesses which is their offers. When they sharpen their offers, they see a dramatic increase in their sales, marketing becomes easier and cheaper and many times leads to lower fulfillment costs, all while being able to serve their customers even better. Most importantly, they’re able to widen their profit margins to give them a healthy buffer against increasing inflation.”

With the changes that are happening in the economy, smart businesses would do well to focus on building strong foundations. To learn more, visit

About Gavi Zeitlin

Gavi has spent 10+ years working in marketing and product development in startups, small businesses, and Fortune 200 companies. His F.I.R.E Offer methodology has been developed from years of testing what works and what doesn’t in the business world across a variety of niches, and is one of the best foundational processes for strengthening a business’s fundamentals and growing its profit margins and revenue.

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