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Revitalityʼs New Smart Nebulizer Helps Protect Against Worsening COPD By Sending Alerts Before An Exacerbation Becomes Dangerous

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Revitalityʼs New Smart Nebulizer Helps Protect Against Worsening COPD By Sending Alerts Before An Exacerbation Becomes Dangerous

August 11
20:18 2022
The breakthrough solution is helping thousands of COPDʼers stay protected from worsening COPD

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Constant shortness of breath, the inability to even shower or walk up the stairs without feeling out of breath are just & few of the things COPDʼers deal with on & constant basis.

But, as bad as these things are, there is one aspect of COPD that makes it scarier than everything else put together: the fact that it is & progressive disease, and can get worse at any given time..

Itʼs true, COPD is a 4 stage disease and can progress to these more severe stages at moments notice, and by factors that are for the most part outside of oneʼs control.

For example, one of the biggest culprits of rapidly worsening COPD and progression to the most severe stages are those dreaded exacerbations and flare-ups

A.K.A those episodes where it feels like drowning with no rescue in sight.

And what most donʼt know is that, all it takes is one of these exacerbations to be worse than usual and cause irreversible lung damage and progress to the more severe stages.

The stages that include reliance on ventilators or even lung failure at moments notice.

But it’s not all bad, these exacerbations if caught early enough, and communicated with a doctor can actually be stopped before they become harmful and cause any worsening of COPD.

So the question becomes how does one catch it?

Because if factors outside of oneʼs control like a slight change in air pollution levels, the humidity outside, or even types of food eaten, can all start the build up of a COPD exacerbation, catching it early is of utmost importance.

Seeing this problem a company out of NH called Revitality got to work

In 2019, a group of top scientists and engineers got together with one goal in mind:

To create a device that could recognize & COPD exacerbation in its earliest stages, and before it became harmful, and then alert the individual so they could take the proper action..

They understood that COPD exacerbations show patterns and the key to figuring out these exacerbations is just recognizing the patterns early enough.

Thus, the Revitality Smart Nebulizer was born

A device, the first of its kind, the group was able to create a smart nebulizer that works like a portable nebulizer, but with one important twist.

The engineers implemented a special technology called “Smart Sensing” that was able to track usage behavior inside the nebulizer, and then with its companion mobile app ask certain relevant questions that when put together can give readings on whether a COPD exacerbation is brewing.

In other words, they figured out the pattern.

But to make it truly life-changing, they took it a step further.

They actually implemented an American Lung Association framework to send recommendations on how to handle these early exacerbation signs & what to actually do in these moments to stay safe!

Since releasing, the smart nebulizer has recorded over 30 hospitalization avoided in the US alone!

The team is excited to continue helping COPDʼers all over. Learn more here.

About Revitality

Revitality is a NH based company whose mission is to help COPDʼers live life without being controlled by COPD.

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