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SellWise NFT Marketing Agency: Unique marketing solutions supercharge the NFT projects

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SellWise NFT Marketing Agency: Unique marketing solutions supercharge the NFT projects

August 11
19:57 2022

Traditional marketing agencies failed to deliver high added value for NFT projects. Latest research shows 82% of NFT collections are unable to raise sufficient funds, that is a direct consequence of the lack of efficient marketing and community-building. SellWise NFT Marketing Agency is the world’s first NFT specialized firm that aims at building a new era of agencies. The team offers proven techniques, tested growth-hacking methods and a network of reliable influencers and service providers to efficiently help NFT founders have a sellout project. 

There is a consensus that NFT founders need external help to reach their audience, grow their networks and involve potential buyers. While agencies have the network and expertise in many different fields, founders can focus on product development. However, agencies have been facing many critics lately as they reportedly offer poor quality and are not able to deliver on their promises in terms of conversions and results. 

Team’s own experience and years of expertise led the founders of SellWise NFT Marketing Agency to establish a firm that focuses on helping NFT founders build a successful project – but with a very different approach compared to what we have seen so far in the NFT scene. 

“What we are seeing is that founders build great projects with professional art, but they are scammed by influencers, mass dm providers, collab managers; they don’t spend time and resources to generate engagement on their social platforms and make common mistakes that can kill their project or ruin their hard-earned budget. They spend money on totally useless services. This is the point where we step in and instead of offering the same buzzwords and traditional methods as our competitors, we provide proven techniques as well as reliable and tested third-party providers” – put one of the founders of the agency. 

The team researched the market and also built their own projects in the past. Collected these experiences and designed the service portfolio accordingly. On their website, free training courses are offered that give a sneak peek to NFT founders on how to work with service providers effectively and how to avoid costly mistakes. More followers and potential buyers are guaranteed by content management, handling social media platforms and using Twitter growth-hacking techniques. What is really unique is that in the past few years, the team has built a huge network of reliable influencers, collab managers, mass dm providers, investment firms and community managers – all the relevant fields where most of the scammers are active. 

Others tell founders that we manage your Twitter account, write 2 posts per day and this will bring buyers for you. This approach worked a few years ago, but today it’s no longer the case. Founders need to use state-of-the-art growth-hacking strategies to reach their audience as hundreds of projects are born weekly to conquer the same market. We analyze our clients, tell them what they did wrong, how they can grow and we give them the know-how and already tested techniques to build a successful project” – added the team. 

NFT founders out there! Work with reliable and credible professionals of the industry and sell out. Getting the first 1,000 or an additional 10,000 followers on Twitter seems impossible? The collection needs diamond hand investors, but struggle to connect with them? SellWise NFT Agency is here to count on them to get the know-how and unique services to build a successful project. 

Website: www.sellwisenft.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/SellWiseNFT 

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