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Jean Duclair Hopes to Change Perception of Haiti with His New Book, “Novel Solution to Clean up Haiti’s Fertile Soil of Poverty”

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Jean Duclair Hopes to Change Perception of Haiti with His New Book, “Novel Solution to Clean up Haiti’s Fertile Soil of Poverty”

August 04
18:36 2022
Jean Duclair Hopes to Change Perception of Haiti with His New Book, "Novel Solution to Clean up Haiti’s Fertile Soil of Poverty"

Jean Duclair address the root of the problems Haiti faces with its economic crisis in his new book and hopes to change the country’s image by providing the right solutions.

Despite being nicknamed the “Pearl of the Caribbean”, Haiti has a negative image around the world.

Jean Duclair hopes to change all of that with his new book, “Novel Solution To Clean Up Haiti’s Fertile Soil Of Poverty” by providing realistic solutions to the country’s poverty and problems.

Duclair highlights in his book the beautiful and natural resources the country is home to, and how to utilize them efficiently. He further discusses the root of the problems the country faces and encourages readers to look at them from different angles.

According to Statista, the national debt of Haiti was 3.13 billion dollars. The country also remains the poorest country in the LAC region.

Jean Duclair, while addressing all of these problems also focuses on the positive aspects of Haiti, such as the rich culture and friendly locals. He discusses how one of the problems is the lack of structure and not laws that people have a problem with. There’s no accountability in the country, despite great laws and policies.

He further encourages readers to ask important questions and dive into the depths of the problems.

“Laws are generally established and enforced in such a way as to serve as barriers to injustice and, more specifically, to protect human life. Human life in Haiti does not find the meaning and importance that it is called to have until our 21st century. You live on the land of Haiti, and you die anyhow, and that’s it. That’s what life is all about! You live and die; whether by sickness, kidnapping or shooting, that’s okay. Men and women have disappeared from the Haitian field; that’s life. Shouldn’t we make more efforts to change this life?” asks in chapter five of his book, highlighting how Haitians are law-abiding citizens when given the right opportunities and freedoms that they are able to get in other countries.

The endless conflicts and insecurity that occupy Haiti wipe out every understanding and knowledge that could help Haitians from the inside to come together to rebuild the country. And because of the constant instability, the setbacks become a demonstration of the difficulties that the leaders face in finding a solution for the nation.

Today, Haitians abroad are seen to be the only resource the country must rely on to implement strategies to rebuild the country. In this book entitled “Novel Solution To Clean Up Haiti’s Fertile Soil Of Poverty”, Haitians abroad are called upon to unite in working to redefine the country’s future and at the same time become a backbone for all future needs. The opportunities that are offered to Haitians abroad by the countries of migration are countless. Haitians abroad are the reason for hope. The book can be purchased from his website and Amazon.

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