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Digitization and New Energy Strategy Promote Mentech Upgrade

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Digitization and New Energy Strategy Promote Mentech Upgrade

July 02
03:57 2022
Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd. portable power supply new product introduction

New York – The first China “Outdoor Energy Storage Power Conference” ended a month ago. June 25th, Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd. released the DN series of our “portable power station” at the 14th Anniversary Celebration and Brand Strategy Upgrade for Mentech Group. Additionally, this marked the start of what people like to call  “Brand Strategy Upgrade”, officially entering the portable energy storage 10 billion market.

The release of the DN series portable power station also marks the start of the “Mentech Smart Product” range, the formal formation of the To B to C dual-brand strategy.


“Digitization” and “New Energy Strategy” will drive the new growth.

The past two years have been challenging for the whole industry, people have been affected by the pandemic, chip shortage, price increase of raw materials and power restrictions. The outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine conflict this year has disrupted the world energy supply, bringing new challenges to the industry.

Under the new international and domestic political and economic challenges, as well as general market trends, how can overcome these challenges and how can position people and take advantage of new market trends and opportunities. Mentech already proposed to integrate new resources and build new momentum-based on traditional products but will now also expand to take advantage of the “digitization” and “new energy” markets. The new “Portable Power Supply” product range shows commitment to this new strategy.

The DN series “Portable Power Station” is launched by Shenzhen Daran New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Mentech, with lithium iron phosphate batteries, bi-directional fast charging, high power solar charging, high power UPS function, and support multiple units in parallel capability.

Portable energy solutions serve as a segment of the overall energy storage market. This segment began to see real growth from around 2018, with a global market of about $11.1 billion in 2021, up 161.3% year-on-year. Portable energy solutions focus on convenience in outdoor activities and general consumer trends. These solutions being used in areas of transportation, recreational activities, building sites, rescue and disaster relief, power outages, outdoor office, etc. Providing customers with green low-carbon energy solutions.

According to the estimates of Orient Securities, the portable energy storage market is expected to ship 24.7 million units in 2025, with an average compound growth rate of 50% for 21-25 years; the market space reaches 56.3 billion yuan, with an average compound annual growth rate of about 50%.

Science and technology lead change in smart technologies, Mentech will always look to be at the forefront

With the continuous upgrades in smart technologies and the need for remote usage, the consumers requirements for portable power solutions are also increasing, including high power, lightweight, multi-functional and smart capabilities. This is also driving the improvement in power storage technologies.

The strong R&D capability ensures that Mentech can continue to provide the market with high-quality, reliable, and lower-cost products. This has earned the company an excellent reputation and a tier 1 customer base. It is reported that Mentech has invested more than 500 million RMB in R&D in this field, and the significant investment has brought a top-of-the-line product range.

From the get-go, Mentech launched five products from DN200 to DN2000, of which DN2000 has a charge capacity of 2073.6Wh and 648,000mAh.

Mentech also pioneered the parallel capacity technology, fast charging technology, and provide a parallel machine display. Up to 6 machines of the same model can be linked where power and capacity can be doubled. The DN series also have UPS function, 110V/220V automatic switching, smart inverter system (two-way inverter technology), high-power solar charging (300W), automatic frequency switching, etc.

In addition to high-end technology, DN series products are also called “designed to be aesthetically pleasing”, light and compact, simple but elegant design, which is valued by the consumer.

At the recent press conference, Mentech said that with the level of hi-tech innovation and smart manufacturing, it insists on providing competitive and high-quality product solutions based on the customer’s needs, realizing value sharing and taking social responsibility seriously.

Focus on TO B+To C with a diverse product portfolio upgrade

The entrepreneurial journey of Mentech started by the entry of the Internet into the home in the PC era, dial-up Internet access, home broadband, and the 3G-4G era of mobile telecom, each stage and every new application brings new business opportunities.

Mentech has continuously developed along the upstream and downstream of its main business in the past years. Mentech research and develop the technology of semiconductor chips to obtain strategic control points, providing customers with high-quality products and technical solutions in 5G and network data communication, industrial Internet, smart home, and other application scenarios which gives Mentech a competitive strategy in multiple diverse business units. In fact, the product portfolio of Mentech is continuously expanding through breakthroughs in technology and innovation. Recently Mentech was recognized by leading telecommunication suppliers and become the first supplier to achieve mass production of chip-LAN transformers and take over the mass supply of traditional LAN transformers, changing the industry. The automotive magnetic component products have been highly recognized by some well-known automotive customers at home and abroad.

Technology is what drives the development. Mentech always looks at the development of the industry with vision and innovative thinking, and deeply understands that the company and brand values need to be rooted in the development of its products.

Now, with the accumulation of many years of component level technologies and products, Mentech has finally stepped into a consumer product segment. Mentech hopes this will be the first of many smart & green technology products with the consumer in mind.

About the future, Mr. Xianjin Yang, Chairman of Mentech Optical & Magnetic, said that since our IPO, it has been waiting for the opportunity to enter this market segment. This is only the start and probably sends a clear picture on the future direction for Mentech. “On the one hand, the drive for high-quality products has increased market share; On the other hand, Mentech will focus on new market trends. For example, further strengthen capital operation in the upstream and downstream of the main industry, actively invest the high-quality enterprises, improve and stabilize the industrial chain, and help more high-quality enterprises to accelerate the growth as well.”

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