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July 02
01:36 2022’s peer-to-peer delivery app is targeted to the public and everyone helping the public to save on postage and/or travel costs.

The project was started by a simple idea. The idea to save time and money on postage or traveling costs and also to reduce our carbon footprint. Developing something environmentally friendly is the back-bone of this project. We understand the needs for a platform that allows the public to give each other a helping hand when they can and that’s why we have developed and introduced ‘Going-That-Way’ App where anyone from anywhere in the world can submit a request for delivery or pickup/drop off and wait to see if anyone can help (anyone Going-That-Way).

This service/App is available free of charge.

Ask yourself this:

‘Are you traveling somewhere?

Whether it is a few towns away or to another country, why not see if you can help someone out by delivering something for them on the way and earn some cash in the process.

It might be a letter, parcel, piece of furniture or even giving someone a lift. Whatever you decide, why not help someone out and make some cash along the way.’

Rooz,’s Founder said: “It’s a fantastic time for me as the founder and the developer of platform and apps to be able to provide this app and service to the public worldwide knowing that this service will have a positive impact on the environment and will reduce our footprint as well as helping people around the globe. And I believe that there is an empty space for this app in the current market which this app should fill in. I can provide this app and service free of charge.”

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