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Teach People How To Play With SCM Easily

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Teach People How To Play With SCM Easily

June 29
14:16 2022

SCM is actually very simple, a little electronic foundation can easily play around.

There are generally the following levels for playing single-chip computers:

1. Pure hardware DIY: this level of play is very simple. As long as there is an ISP download line (similar to the nature of the mobile phone data line), people can make your own hardware circuit, and then burn the program of the single chip microcomputer into the single chip microcomputer. No need to know programming. There are many small productions on our company’s website. Each production provides hex files, which are programs downloaded to the single chip microcomputer. It’s as simple as playing with digital circuits.

2. Semi programming DIY: you can also make hardware. When you are familiar with pure hardware DIY, you can try programming. Semi programming DIY doesn’t write programs from scratch. It didn’t have this level at the beginning. This one is to follow the program written by others, and then change the values and statements in the current program. For example, our shook16 rocking stick can only change the program code of the subtitle part in the source program, regardless of how the application program and hardware driver are implemented.

3. Full programming DIY: if you have had enough of other people’s production and are tired of using other people’s programs, should you also write some programs to play with, write some unprecedented programs, and do some production that you have never done before. This stage is full programming DIY. But it doesn’t mean that you should write the program word by word. It would be very boring. Now the single-chip microcomputer program has been basically modular. If you want to use the delay, copy the delay program module into your own program, and if you want to use the timer, copy the timer program. For example, there are many ready-made program modules in the “programming” column of our website, which can be used directly.

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