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Sustainable Pest System Provides Eco-Friendly Ant Control Services

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Sustainable Pest System Provides Eco-Friendly Ant Control Services

June 22
05:12 2022
Sustainable Pest System Provides Eco-Friendly Ant Control Services

Ants infest homes searching for food and water sources, and ant mounds in the yard increase the risk of interior infestations. Homeowners need comprehensive pest control services to manage ants and stop insects from entering their properties. Learning more about eco-friendly ant control shows homeowners ways to get rid of pests that are safe for everyone.  

Find All Areas Affected by Ants

Pest control professionals inspect the property for signs of ant infestations. Ants enter the home for food and water, and residents might see a trail of ants running into and out of their home. The pest control technicians identify all spaces where ants are and create a plan to eliminate the pests safely. Want to find out more about environmentally safe pest control? Set up an appointment now. 

Identify the Species of Ants

Odorous house ants are the most common ant species found in the home, but carpenter ants often find their way into hollow doors and spaces such as ceilings. Fire ants are around the property, and these ants cause pain injuries if they bite family members or pets.

Pest control technicians examine the ants and determine which ant species infested the home. The species determines what risks families risk and which pest control method is most effective to eliminate the pests and keep the home protected.

Locate All Ant Mounds on the Property

Ant mounds appear in the home when ants create colonies and grow in numbers. Before ant control services, technicians find all ant mounds to eliminate the ants and stop new infestations. Ant mounds are often near bathrooms and give ants easier access to water.  

Treat All Affected Areas

Ant control technicians use eco-friendly products that aren’t dangerous to the environment, the family, or pets. The extermination team sprays insecticide in all areas where ants are found in the home. The insecticides remain in place to eliminate any new ants that walk through the chemicals. Ready to set up pest control services? Contact a pest control provider and schedule a service now. 

Sealing Off the Home

Cracks around doors and windows give ants an entry point into the home, and pest control professionals recommend sealing off the property. Sealing these cracks and crevices stops ants from entering the home and infesting kitchens and bathrooms. Ongoing pest control prevents new ant colonies and mounds in the yard and under structures.  

Eliminating Conditions That Attract Ants

Pest control professionals recommend taking out kitchen trash more often and avoiding leaving any food or sweets on counters. House ants are attracted to sugary foods and beverages, and if the homeowner keeps these items stored safely, ants won’t get into them and find a new food source.  

Where to Get Pest Control Services

At Sustainable Pest Systems, we offer environmentally-friendly pest control services, and our technicians eliminate pests, such as ants quickly and effectively. Our company has a brilliant history of satisfied homeowners, and we treat all our customers like family. Need pest control services for ant infestations? Set up a service appointment right now. 

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