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Atlanta Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Removal to Boost Productivity on an Orchard

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Atlanta Tree Service Experts Uses Tree Removal to Boost Productivity on an Orchard

June 21
20:30 2022

Atlanta, Georgia – While Atlanta Tree Service Experts is largely known for working on ornamental trees, Atlanta Tree Service Experts has recently decided to expand and showcase its skills in handling fruits. Exactly one year ago, the company worked on Chelsea’s orchard. The homeowner had been complaining about dwindling productivity when she hired Atlanta Tree Service Experts. The company reportedly managed to boost productivity—this year, the homeowner announced that her productivity has almost doubled—the orchard produced 190% of what it did last year.

Last year,” said Chelsea, “the husband complained to a friend about the reducing productivity in the avocado farm. The husband’s friend had previously had the same issues with his orange farm. After working with Atlanta Tree Service Experts, his problems were solved. The friend suggested contacting the company for help.”

When Chelsea contacted Atlanta Tree Service Experts last year, the company sent a professional arborist to assess the cause of dwindling productivity. The arborist concluded that the reason the fruits were not as productive as they needed to be was that the orchard was too overcrowded.

The family was expecting an orchard improvement approach very different from what Atlanta Tree Service Experts suggested,” Chelsea told a group of reporters. “The company suggested removing more than ten trees from the landscape to create enough room for everything that would be left behind.”

To see how Atlanta Tree Service Experts helps residents outside the city, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/atlanta-tree-service-experts-handles-first-emergency-tree-removal-procedure-outside-city-limits.

The homeowner had to discuss the solution with her husband who was at work when the arborist arrived on the landscape.

When the husband arrived that evening from work,” said Chelsea, “he learned about the suggestion. He went ahead and contacted his friend to determine if the company had used tree removal to improve productivity on his orchard. It turned out that the friend had also benefited from removing several trees. This prompted the husband to give Atlanta Tree Service Experts a go-ahead for tree removal.”

The company reportedly sent a quotation immediately after receiving the go-ahead. The family found the quotation to be very affordable and invited Atlanta Tree Service Experts to start the tree removal procedure the next morning.

The company selected the most emaciated avocado trees on the landscape,” said Chelsea. “These trees were just occupying space and competing for food with the healthier trees that were responsible for producing all the fruits.”

The team of tree cutting professionals in Atlanta spent about 3 hours on the landscape. Maintaining extreme care to avoid damaging the neighboring trees, the company reportedly brought down the avocado trees and pulled out the tree stumps.

After removing the avocado trees together with the tree stumps,” said Chelsea, “the company went ahead and cleaned the orchard. They collected the branches, the tree trunks, and the stumps. The sawdust was spread out on the orchard to act as mulch which would eventually decay and turn into manure.”

The homeowner reportedly finished harvesting her avocados yesterday. When she compared this year’s produce with what the farm produced last year, the homeowner was mesmerized—the produce had almost doubled.

While the family had thought that removing trees would affect the landscape negatively,” said Chelsea, “this was not the case. It turns out that in some cases, less can be more.”

The homeowner noted that she had spent a mere $5000 on the avocado tree removal procedure. However, the procedure had increased her revenue by more than $20,000. She noted that she will keep using Atlanta Tree Service Experts.

Atlanta Tree Service Experts schedules tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation located at 805 Antone St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States. Homeowners in need of the company’s services can, however, contact it via +1 404-224-9458 and [email protected]

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