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Edmond Tree Experts Turns New Client Into Long-Term Client with Carefully Executed Tree Removal

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Edmond Tree Experts Turns New Client Into Long-Term Client with Carefully Executed Tree Removal

June 21
17:27 2022

Edmond, Oklahoma – A company that has always boasted satisfied clients, Edmond Tree Experts has earned the respect of a new homeowner. The company helped the client get rid of two trees that were damaging his concrete floor. The homeowner was so impressed that he ended up confirming he would use Edmond Tree Experts for all his future needs.

When the family planted the two trees just 10 feet from the house about 20 years ago,” said Joseph, “no one understood these trees would end up turning into significant sources of problems. In the past 2 years, the trees have forced the family to spend at least $15,000 on floor repairs.”

The homeowner noted that he initially did not realize that the trees were the cause of the property damage he had been experiencing.

Initially,” said Joseph, “the family was blaming the construction team that built the house. However, with time, signs that the damage was being caused by the two neighboring trees started showing. At some point, the wife noticed part of a huge tree root under the concrete floor. When the family invited an arborist to check and confirm that the two trees were the reason the family was suffering from property damage, the arborist took a single look at the damage, then inspected the distance between the trees and the house and confirmed that the trees were the reason the family had wasted $15,000.”

To see how Edmond Tree Experts helps homeowners save trees from removal, read this story: https://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/edmond-tree-experts-uses-tree-trimming-and-tree-pruning-to-save-two-oak-trees-from-removal.

The arborist reportedly told Joseph that the trees were invasive and would continue creating problems in the landscape unless they were removed.

When the wife asked the arborist which tree care company he would recommend,” said Joseph, “the professional confirmed that a lot of care would be needed during the tree removal procedure since the 40-foot trees were standing only 10 feet from the house and other utilities. He added that he had worked with Edmond Tree Experts for more than 25 years and he knew the company had the right tools and enough experience to handle the complicated tree removal procedure.”

The arborist looked experienced and had good people skills,” said Joseph. “The family had to give Edmond Tree Experts a try. However, no one was truly sure that the tree removal would go as needed.”

On calling Edmond Tree Experts to book the tree removal procedure at around 8 am the next day, the homeowner was surprised when the customer service agent on the other end of the line confirmed that the tree removal team would be on the landscape on the same day. The company reportedly arrived an hour later with all the tree removal tools.

When the company knocked on the gate,” said Joseph, “its team had brought a crane, a bucket truck, heavy ropes, and a dozen other safety tools. The team noted that the arborist had communicated the tools that the tree removal procedure would need. The tree cutting professionals in Edmond immediately went to work and were done with the tree removal procedure about 3 hours later.”

Joseph noted that Edmond Tree Experts conducted the safest tree removal procedure he had ever experienced. The team reportedly cut the trees foot by foot. Using the crane and ropes to slowly lower down the trunk pieces and branches, the company brought down the tree without causing property damage.

The company later pulled out the tree stump and cleaned the landscape,” said Joseph. “The team also advised the family on the best trees to use as a replacement. The family plans to use Edmond Tree Experts for all its future tree service needs.”

Edmond Tree Experts operates from its base which is located at 402 Gayclifee Ter Edmond, OK, 73003. The company can be contacted at +1 405-444-8128 and [email protected]

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