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SOOCAS Rechargeable Whitening Tooth Brushes – A Total Game Changer For Oral Health

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SOOCAS Rechargeable Whitening Tooth Brushes – A Total Game Changer For Oral Health

March 26
10:48 2021
SOOCAS rechargeable whitening toothbrush comes with upgraded features, a battery of 4 hours, and battery usage of up to a month. It helps remove all kinds of dental plaque from the mouth.

China – As an XIAOMI Eco Chain Enterprise SOOCAS has been dedicated to delivering practical care products with high-end styling and user experience at a reasonable price. These oral health-care products are sold on Amazon and additionally on their website. They have a great design team with years of experience designing oral health-care products that provide a terrific user experience. The mission of SOOCAS is to provide its users with a great variety of electric and rechargeable toothbrushes to maintain 700% of their plaque and give new life to the teeth of all users. Upgraded SOOCAS X3U electric toothbrushes can reach 39,600 sonic vibrations per minute to perform excellent cleaning. The main agenda of SOOCAS is to fulfill customers’ demands and come up to their expectations.

SOOCAS collaborated with the Van Gogh Museum to create the unique color combination and packaging design of the SOOCAS toothbrushes. They are portable and easy to carry. SOOCAS toothbrushes are waterproof and safe to use in the bathroom and shower. It is a good travel sonic electric toothbrush for business trips or family outings. SOOCAS whitening toothbrushes have fast-charge technology that runs for more than 30 days with just a 4-hour full charge. It has a battery having less waste that gives long-lasting power and battery life. It has a USB Type-C charging design that supports global voltage walks with every corner of the world. They make the teeth sparkly white and attractive at all times because of their high-frequency acoustic vibrations that make whitening more effective. The users can enjoy the ease of a 4-hour charge lasting for 30 days. Brushing is made easy with the rechargeable feature. The users can take it and use it anywhere at any time.

SOOCAS Electric toothbrushes have a 2-minute automatic brushing cycle with a 30-second vibrational smart timer that lets the user know to brush a new area. These toothbrushes come with four modes: Daily Clean (strong), Sensitive (soft), Gum Care/First Use (gentle), Whitening (strong invert frequency). The users can get a customized experience according to their teeth condition to keep their teeth healthy. These toothbrushes gradually increase the strength within 5 seconds of use. It reduces gum discomfort and prevents the toothpaste from splashing. These good qualities in a toothbrush assure dental health and minimize the chance of getting a cavity.

The SOOCAS sonic toothbrushes come with three different brush heads: standard, whitening, and soft sensitive brush heads. It uses DuPont bristles and copper-free bristles planting technology, a 40% increase in bristle planting, all made by non-metal and antirust material. These bristles are all polished to be semi-circular. They are 100% rounded bristle tops that are safe and gentle for daily brushing. It’s a brilliant invention and for every adult usage as it’s completely safe and reasonable for oral health without causing any damage to teeth. This product is worth buying for anyone worried about their oral health and can’t get proper clinical checkups.

These toothbrushes are available for sale on Amazon and, these electric toothbrushes are the best for oral hygiene, clean teeth, gums, and tongue. An electric toothbrush is the best cure for yellow teeth. Whitening toothbrushes can reach up to hard-to-reach cleaning areas of the mouth when brushing teeth after each meal. Whitening toothbrush helps prevent gingivitis and plaque formation for healthy gums. Recharge toothbrush is the best whitening toothbrush for oral hygiene. The website features high-quality images of the whitening toothbrush. Also, it mentions details of every package available. SOOCAS commits to quality products for its customers and users.

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