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Self Care RX provides nurses and healthcare workers with self-care products

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Self Care RX provides nurses and healthcare workers with self-care products

March 26
10:33 2021
Nurse Created, Nurse Approved is enough to tell nurses and healthcare workers the level of expertise that goes in to the making of each of their nurturing skin treatment products.

California, United States – The life of a nurse is difficult, no matter which country they are in. From having shifts at any given hour to pouring their soul out when a patient comes in, the efforts that this profession requires are worth stating. However, society doesn’t give them the credit which they truly deserve. While it is necessary to have doctors and nurses running all day long to ensure the health of citizens, it is also quite significant to have someone that can take care of these front-line heroes and that is where Self Care RX comes in.

Being a company that truly understands the struggles of a nurse, Self Care RX is owned by Christal Parker, who is a nurse herself. Moreover, she is a wife and a new mom who has been through everything that a nurse usually goes through during the course of their career while taking care of their family. Christal empathizes with nurses who require self-care but may never give themselves the break they definitely need. In explaining her concept behind initiating this company, she stated that: “I created Self Care RX to provide nurses (and nurse moms) with products that allow a moment of escape. I create products that target the specific needs of nurses to enhance their self-care journey. My goal is to encourage self-care, self-love and remind us that WE COME FIRST!”

The physical and mental health of a nurse is as important as that of the patients. It is vital to understand that nurses may not be able to serve the citizens if they themselves are stressed out or physically exhausted. Thus, they need to take care of themselves first by applying self-care practices and using products that will enrich their experience and give them the relaxation they require to continue with their demanding jobs.

With Self Care RX, nurses can now easily look through their page and find all sorts of products which will make their days easier and a bit better.

Visit website:

The products that the company presents are all designed while keeping in mind the needs of a nurse. For example, a nurse may never say that their hands and soft and ultra-hydrated. This is the case because to keep hygiene in check, they have to wash their hands more frequently. Thus, to solve that issue, Self Care RX produced the hydrating hand cream which can be checked here: so that even after washing their hands every now and then, the cream will still have a positive effect on their skin. Similarly, to ease the pain after a long shift, the tea tree foot soak works perfectly while also providing multiple other benefits like alleviating itching and getting rid of the foot fungus and bacteria and is available here:

The pandemic has made everyone realize the importance of medical staff and it is about time that nurses start putting themselves first as they need to take care of themselves to take care of others!  Please note, just because this is nurse created and nurse approved, does not mean its use is limited for nurses.  Everyone can enjoy these hard working products with strong results.

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