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Meet The Super-Chef ‘Brandon Griffin’ from ‘Cajun In The Kitchen’

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Meet The Super-Chef ‘Brandon Griffin’ from ‘Cajun In The Kitchen’

March 26
10:27 2021
‘Cajun in The Kitchen’ is all set to serve the most authentic Cajun Cuisine using the freshest ingredients available.

San Pablo, CA, United States – For many people, cookery is nothing but a chore, while, for many others, cooking is an art, science, and crafts. Cooking allows experimentation with different spices, cuisines, and techniques, which gives the ultimate opportunity to learn about different cultures and gastronomies. However, cooking is a challenge, something that takes artistry, practicability, and sagacity. And, not all can master this art. Yet, the founder of the newly launched eatery, Cajun in The Kitchen, has truly perfected the cooking techniques to bring forth scrumptious cuisine.

Cajun in The Kitchen’ is a Personal Chef business with a touch of Louisiana roots. The logo is an alligator representing the swamps. The red accents are for the spices used in Cajun cuisine, and the purple, green, and gold represent Mardi Gras. The mastermind behind this cookery service is ‘Chef Brandon Griffin,’ a Louisiana native currently serving the hotplates in the San Francisco bay area. Growing up in a family with a heavy Cajun/Creole background, the super chef, upon graduating high school, joined the United States Marine Corps as a food service specialist. After four years of service as a combat tour of duty Chef, Brandon was honorably reinserted into society with a brand new passion for cooking.

Speaking of his inspiration, passion, and dedication towards culinary repertoire, the chef explains that: Most of my inspiration came from my childhood, where I grew up in Louisiana eating delicious food. I never realized the luxury of having that type of food until I moved out of the state. In many places I had visited, the food was not as great, and that is how I desired to share the pure joy of authentic Cajun food with others that I had known pretty much my entire life.”

Cajun in The Kitchen makes it possible for all food lovers to relish taste-buds-tantalizing Cajun cuisine, escalating their ardor, fondness, and passion for food. It is also offering Cooking Lessons. “Whether you are a beginner or have some experience, these lessons are for those who are eager to learn more. After a brief consultation, a customized lesson plan will be created based on your cooking goals. We can give lessons both virtually or at home,” says Chef Brandon Griffin.

This company has established itself as a one-stop-shop for all culinary-related services. Recently, Cajun in The Kitchen has announced a new addition, ‘Small Event Catering,’ to their services. This option is more considerate and convenient for all the prospective clients looking out for the best catering services in the town. “We can cater your event of up to 25 guests. Whether you are having a birthday party, wedding reception, or repass, Cajun in the Kitchen strives to craft a cherishing experience for you and your guests. You can relish the chef-curated menu. Also, dinnerware, grocery shopping, travel, meal preparation, plating, and cleanup are included,” says Founder of Cajun in The Kitchen, Chef Brandon.

Keeping in line with its honor, commitment, professionalism, and dedication; towards personal chef service, Cajun in The Kitchen also offers private dinner for intimate groups of two or four.  Customized menu service (3-course minimum), grocery shopping, travel, meal preparation, plating, and kitchen cleanup are also included.  Managing each aspect of the business on his own, Chef Brandon’s Cajun in The Kitchen is a one-man army.

Last but not least, Cajun in the Kitchen is offering people to hire a personal chef for meal prep. “This service is for busy personnel who do not have the luxury of cooking for themselves due to work demand, those with dietary restrictions, or people who just want to have a good meal minus the preparation. We serve to take the stress out of meal preparation. Meals can be customized according to your dietary needs,” says Chef Brandon.

While speaking a little bit more about the birth story of the personal business, Chef Brandon Griffin says, “Cooking is always something I have loved. I never thought I would be a personal chef cooking gourmet meals in some of the finest homes in Napa. I remember in culinary school, all I wanted was freedom. I would cook everything in the curriculum but never had creative autonomy—the same was the case when I worked in restaurants and hotels. There was a lack of culinary independence. So I used everything taught to me by great chefs and began applying it to my own cooking style. I began creating my own dishes. One day it dawned on me that I had to bring this out to the people. I then mustered the courage and thought of sharing it with the world. It was tough because I loved my job, so I could not just quit. So when the pandemic set in and everything shutdown…it opened a door for me to get everything going with less guilt.”

With the lifelong adoration for cooking, Chef Brandon Griffin serves to preserve the heartiness of Cajun Cuisine, originating from the Acadian lifestyle, which reflects the essence of courage and determination. “I love blending my passion for cooking and my love for interacting with guests. Coming from restaurants and hotels, it has been amazing working at the front when I have been in the back of the house throughout my career. Being in the same room as the clients while cooking exposes my personality, and I have met some great people along the way.” says Chef Brandon. “Establishing Cajun in The Kitchen has been an honor for me. Truly, this pandemic became a blessing in disguise for me,” he adds.

About the Company:

Cajun in The Kitchen is a personal chef business that serves the most exquisite and authentic Cajun Cuisine food services in the United States. San Pablo, CA, Area. The food business was established by professional Chef Brandon Griffin in the midst of a pandemic.

Instagram: @CajunInTheKitchen

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Contact Person: Brandon Griffin
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Phone: 951-550-5558
Address:2011 Market Ave #324
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