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The Safety of Golf Means it Will Continue To Grow in Popularity

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The Safety of Golf Means it Will Continue To Grow in Popularity

September 04
02:15 2019
The Safety of Golf Means it Will Continue To Grow in Popularity

In 1981, a feature on the Today Show profiled a young golf prodigy. The five year old at the time was competing with players double his age and was finishing regulation courses with a score that most average adults would be thrilled with. That young prodigy was the now legendary Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. With the correct coaching from that young age, Woods was able to develop the type of skill set that enabled him to reach the pinnacle of his sport several times, most recently in 2019.

With Tiger’s ascension, golf has become more popular than ever, and the next generation of young golfers need places where they can learn the skills necessary to excel in the sport. GolfU is the perfect training grounds for tomorrow’s golf pros to get their first putts in. By opening up a franchise, investors and golf aficionados alike can provide budding golfers in their area the resources that they need to succeed.

You can learn more at https://golfufranchise.com.

Learning From The Pros

Golf is a sport of skill and learning and excelling in the sport takes a combination of good coaching and access to the appropriate resources that will help young athletes fine-tune their game. Founded in 2018 by long time pro Brad Hare, these training centers were created as a way to expand the scale of training for young golfers. Now a national franchise, Hare’s centers offer several training modules that help establish the foundation of a strong golf game so that students can grow their skills. Housed indoors, each facility features putting greens, swing simulators, and even sand traps, students can work on all aspects of their game all year round.

To find out more, go to https://golfufranchise.com/meet-our-pga-pros-founder-history/.

The Sport for Anyone at Any Age

Though these facilities cater to young golfers as they begin to learn the trick of the game, golf itself is a sport that can be played at any age. Whether the young athletes aspire to be the next Rory McIlroy, their local club pro, or just the best putter in their group of friends, it is all possible with the right mindset and training. Unlike other youth sports where life-changing injuries are more common, golf provides an athletic endeavor that is both physically and mentally challenging in a non-contact environment.

Though golf is not immune to its own type of injuries, with the right type of training, golfers can avoid many of the most common types of short term and long term golf injury—most of which result from bad swing mechanics. There’s a reason that children, their parents, and their grandparents can often play golf together. Today, with already 2,000 junior pros out there on the links of the PGA Junior Golf league, golf is an exponentially growing sport in youth athletics, a $15 billion industry annually itself, and it will continue to grow with more and better trained athletes finding success on the fairways and greens.

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