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An App That Helps Reduce Food Waste At Home by 75%

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An App That Helps Reduce Food Waste At Home by 75%

August 03
00:36 2019
An App That Helps Reduce Food Waste At Home by 75%

By now we are all very much aware that food waste is a huge global problem. The 1.3 billion tonnes worldwide annual food wastage comes with a high environmental, economic and ethical price tag. And it’s totally within our scope to effect this, as 50% of all the food waste in developed countries comes from our homes.

So, what can we do about it? Maybe open the fridge and see what we can save from binning by eating up the odd bits and pieces? That is certainly a good first step, but one that if taken alone, is unlikely to lead to lasting effects. We need a holistic and sustainable solution to food waste in our homes in order to achieve significant and meaningful results.

That is exactly the idea with which the team behind CozZo, an innovative tech company, set off to design its household food management solution. “We hope that by applying just a tip or two to our routine, like “I will make a habit of going through my fridge every 3 days’, we will be able to solve our issue with food waste at home,” says Ivo Dimitrov, Chief Developer and Founder of CozZo, “Our minds work this way, we are suddenly inspired by this good idea and vow to keep doing it for the rest of our lives. But the results we get are feeble, our enthusiasm soon evaporates and we go back to ground zero”, summarizes Ivo.

“The truth is that food waste is a result of a whole set of different small routines, that when added together result in the staggering 30% of all our bought food at home going to the trash,” Ivo says. Rather than trying to tackle a single habit, the Cozzo app is designed to help modern households adapt a whole set of new behaviours and habits that cumulatively lead to dramatic food waste reduction at home.

“CozZo is a holistic system,” says Ivo, “it assists you in every step of your food management journey, and helps you avoid the various behavioural patterns that according to research result in food waste. The design of CozZo is based on breakthrough findings in the field of consumer food waste.

CozZo gives you a full overview of your fridge and pantry inventory that you can access remotely, realistic expiry tracking of all your food, so you will know exactly what you need to cook tonight, (before it goes bad). It then helps you find the best recipe and add just the missing ingredients to your shopping list, so you only buy the food you need.

The best thing is that you don’t need to do all the work yourself. Instead, you can join other household members, to collaboratively carry out the process of planning, shopping, pantry inventory, etc. in your home. With CozZo reducing household food waste actually becomes a joint effort

CozZo ensures that every member has a complete overview of the entire food management process in your home. “Initially, it may be one person who starts the food waste battle at home. “Yet, if the other members don’t quickly join in, the lonely warrior may soon give up,” observes Ivo based on CozZo data insight. On the other hand, users report a 75% decrease in their monthly food waste after using the app for over 4 for months.

CozZo “Household Account” upgrade provides a whole set of powerful add-on features such as barcode scanning, product pictures, package size-recognizer, shelf-life and storage place adviser, precise food waste reporting and monthly progress.

CozZo is currently supported in English, German, Dutch, Novwegian, Spanish and Bulgarian. You can find it on the UK, US, IR, CAN, GR, AUS, NL and DK app stores.

About The Company:

CozZo is a free holistic food management app that combines fridge & pantry inventory, grocery shopping list and a realistic expiry date tracking system. It helps you avoid food waste by tracking what you have and when it expires and eating it in time.

CozZo has been featured on: REFRESH Community of Experts, London Food Tech Week, EFVF, Bloomberg TV, Bulgarian National TV. Sustainable-ish, Economedia, Softonic, and many more.

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