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How One TX Firm has quietly built an independent platform designed by Advisors for Advisors

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How One TX Firm has quietly built an independent platform designed by Advisors for Advisors

July 05
08:09 2019

The Independent RIA channel continues to be the fastest growing area within the industry. Some larger firms like Dynasty, Hightower, Rockefeller, and others are beginning to look like miniature versions of their larger Wallstreet Wirehouse predecessors, with large CEO salaries, the introduction of recruiting notes, (Dynasty Freedom Notes), layers of management, and their “in-house” experts. All of which must ultimately be paid for by either fee paid from clients or the interest made off of the custody of client’s assets, either way- the clients of the advisors ultimately pay the bills. And then there are the huge investments being made into these firms by private equity firms such as Thomas H. Lee, KKR, Genstar, and others. Is it possible for the Advisor to receive a significantly higher payout and all of these other financial obligations to be met? The answer is obviously NO.

After surveying hundreds of advisors, we found near unanimity in what they most valued in a firm.  Specifically, we asked, “if you could wave a magic wand and create the perfect firm, what would it include?”  The answers might surprise you:

  • The highest advisor payout available without the drag of excess overhead and department scrape fees.
  • Access to best-in-class Institutional Alternative Investments/Private Equity/ and Non-correlated assets at individual client accessible levels.
  • The ability to personalize and customize a business continuity and succession plan for their business.
  • A client-friendly compliance partner that was nimble and flexible to accommodate the needs of today’s clients and their mobility around the globe.
  • Ability to Private label and create personalized branding and marketing materials.
  • Cutting edge technology that evolved at the same pace as the technology it was based.
  • Best-in-class consolidated performance reporting with real-time updates.
  • Ability to leverage social media platforms for communication and timely updates.

We took these answers, combined them with our own experiences, and built a firm based on each vital area that caters to the advisor and their clients. There is no other firm that can replicate what we have created.

A Model Focused on Advisors

Other options and firms seem to have captured the spirit of what has driven advisors to seek going independent in the first place and also meet most of the qualities as mentioned above, and advisors are looking.  Chapwood Investments, LLC in Plano, Texas, has quietly been designing a firm around the advisor and the client.  Chapwood starts with the premise that the client sits in the center of the relationship, and the advisor and firm is there to work for them.  

Chapwood intentionally established a transparent model and a flat overhead structure that allows much more pricing flexibility between client and advisor.

Chapwood has kept a straightforward model for their advisors, and each advisor has the opportunity to join the firm as an owner and independently branded entity. There are no over-priced CEO’s, no ivy-tower Headquarters to maintain, just hard-working advisors taking care of their clients and the resources necessary to support the best practices in the industry. By keeping the model focused on advisors, Chapwood can genuinely provide the most competitive compensation in the independent space available. Their streamlined approach allows the flexibility for each advisor to attain ownership through their partner’s program.

A Better Platform

Through strategic relationships, Chapwood has been able to partner and create the most competitive and unique offerings available in the alternative, private equity, other non-correlated investment arenas. These relationships also provide strategic competitive advantages to their advisors, which allow more offerings for clients, more breadth of investment opportunities, pricing flexibility, and more versatility. 

Chapwood has developed some proprietary analytical tools that reveal potential risks associated with portfolios that allow advisors to not only win new business but analyses current for exposure and volatility.  In a space that has become crowded and somewhat commoditized, Chapwood Investments, LLC has found a way to differentiate themselves, be visionary, and lead, by creating unique opportunities and strategies for advisors and their clients during very unordinary times.

Chapwood also provides tools for scaling and streaming existing business so advisors can offer “white-glove” customer service to existing clients AND have time to grow.  Additionally, the firm’s leadership gives exclusive proprietary tools to examine and expose venerability in competition to help win business, along with tools that help mitigate and manage client risks.

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