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What Is A Hydraulic Plate Compactor And How It Can Make Projects Easier

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What Is A Hydraulic Plate Compactor And How It Can Make Projects Easier

February 06
11:50 2023

Today we’ll explore what a hydraulic plate compactor is and how it can make your project easier.

Hydraulic plate compactor information introduction:

The hydraulic plate compactor is composed of a hydraulic motor, an eccentric mechanism, and a plate. The hydraulic ram uses the hydraulic motor to drive the eccentric mechanism to rotate, and the vibration generated by the rotation acts on the rammed material through the ramming plate to make it compact. Hydraulic rammer has the characteristics of light weight, convenient operation, flexibility, and good compaction effect. It is mainly used in slope surfaces and building foundation projects.

Hydraulic plate compactors are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Can be used on skid steer loaders, excavators or other types of construction equipment.

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There are many benefits to using a hydraulic plate compactor on a construction project.

1: Large amplitude, impact compaction performance, large fill thickness, compaction can meet the requirements of high-grade foundations such as highways, making it dense and less likely to settle or erode over time.

2. It is suitable for various terrains and various operation methods. It can complete the compaction of plane compaction, slope compaction, step compaction, groove pit compaction and other complex foundation compaction.

3.It is used together with the excavator, driven and controlled by the hydraulic power of the excavator (the installation and control are the same as the hydraulic breaker). Simple structure, easy to use and maintain.

4. Environmental protection: realize low-noise operation, and do not affect the surrounding environment during construction

5. Versatility: The power source is diversified, and various brands and models of excavators can be equipped according to the construction site conditions to truly realize the versatility and economy of the product and meet the requirements of multi-terrain construction operations

6. Safety: The construction personnel do not touch the construction, adapting to the requirements of safe construction in complex terrain.

Overall, using a hydraulic plate saves time and money while helping to ensure the long-term success of your construction project.

So how to choose a good hydraulic plate compactor?

1. First of all, pay attention to the motor of hydraulic plate compactor, its quality directly affects the use effect and service life of hydraulic plate compactor.

2. The area of the plate of hydraulic plate compactor is not as large as possible. If the area is too large, it will increase the failure rate, and if the area is too small, the motor will be exposed.

3. Assembly processing accuracy, the concentricity of the eccentric wheel rotation is not greater than 0.001 mm, otherwise it will be not work;

4. Is the oil seal imported with original packaging? Oil seals with poor quality will leakage;

5. Whether the main engine has a regulating valve. The key function of this valve is to protect the motor and overload protection. In addition, if the customer feels that the power is too large or too small, he can adjust it at will.


A hydraulic plate compactor can be a great choice for those who are looking to make their construction projects easier and faster.

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