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Don Moragne, Founder of The Wealth Zone University, Announces His New E-book Mastery of The Power of Self Determination

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Don Moragne, Founder of The Wealth Zone University, Announces His New E-book Mastery of The Power of Self Determination

February 06
11:22 2023
Becoming an entrepreneur is a mind-shift from employee to self-reliance. This is no easy shift, however, for many, this is exactly what they need. Having the power to control your day, your schedule, and what you choose to invest in as far as time and resources is all in your power.

Transitioning through to a more self reliant state requires the ability to master self-determination. Don Moragne provides the tools necessary to truly master self-determination. This is a must read for those who struggle with understanding their own power and how to leverage their skills and abilities to really make a difference in their life.

Navigating that divide to become an entrepreneur can leave a person with doubt and fears, which are all understandable. But that is exactly what they are, hindrances to the realities of your dreams and aspirations.

Don teaches the power of visualization and self-empowerment. Each of us has the ability to create, and the desire to achieve and succeed with the proper tools in place. Understanding how to use these tools can really propel the entrepreneur or business owner to the top of the field.

The clear direction and motivation that is unique to the individual is what really matters because our paths and journeys are unique to the individual self. Don Moragne is compelling in his description of mastering these tools and really leveraging them with the individual in mind. 

Don tackles the tough subject of self-image and self-esteem to show how these can be easily overcome providing the necessary amount of motivation and that “I can and will succeed attitude.” He further demonstrates how all these tools will just flow like a symphony through life impacting not only business decisions but personal life decisions too! When we are succeeding in one area of life we are succeeding in all areas of life.

About Don Moragne:

Don is a functional CFO with expertise and extensive experience in managing financial and wealth strategies for various companies. He turned that knowledge into his own educational and consultancy program called The Wealth Zone University,

The Wealth Zone University is a Financial Management Firm that offers chief financial officer services and extensive programs geared toward teaching business owners how to craft winning financial strategies.

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Company Name: Wealth Zone University
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Phone: 240-247-0089
Address:4061 Powder Mill Road Suite 700
City: Calverton
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