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JR Studio Shifts Course to Develop Web3 Cloud Platform

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JR Studio Shifts Course to Develop Web3 Cloud Platform

November 11
17:18 2022
JR Studio is a company leading the charge for the mainstream adoption of blockchain gaming and enabling the next generation of game developers to easily build exceptional games.

JR Studio was founded to develop new classics that put the “fun” back in GameFi. After a lot of brainstorming, business planning, and concept sketching, the idea for the Jungle Race games was born. The team at JR Studio took a deep dive to understand the features at the core of the most successful games of all time and set out to capture that feeling with Jungle Air Races, Boats, Run, and Karts. As a result, the flagship games in the Jungle Race series have the vintage look and feel of traditional console games, while boasting frictionless integration with blockchain technology and all the elements of gameFi that web3 gamers expect. Months of development finally culminated with the successful release of their MVP, the single-player demo of Jungle Air Races. In just the first week since early access was opened to the public, the results have been amazing (400+ individual subscribers for beta testing) and the feedback has been tremendous.

Not so FAST!

In retrospect, even with a team led by blockchain veterans who have a solid understanding of the gaming industry, the development process wasn’t as smooth as expected. From the beginning, the core team understood that it would be troublesome to concentrate on the crux of the games because 40% of the necessary work consists of unglamorous back-end details like functionality, connectivity, security, integration, and blockchain (not to mention the non-stop management that comes afterward).

Through a series of intimate interviews, the team began to test the pulse of the industry by gauging the pain points of start-up and experienced game studios and found that these problems prevail across the entire spectrum. Nearly every team working on a (blockchain) game faces similar challenges across the board, including the key issue of having the proper staff to cover both front and back-end development, to take a game from inception to completion while maintaining sight of the essence of the project. During blockchain game development, in particular, developers are so preoccupied with figuring out how to make it work that they often have little left to devote to making it fun.

JR Studio CEO Neal Peters, with his unique perspective on the issues (having spent 18 years in IT and DevOps) begs the question “Why are our developers using outdated methods to build the games of tomorrow when it’s clear that without the right tools at hand, the development process is laborious and inefficient, resulting in a final product that consistently misses the mark on fun”

From Neal’s perspective, the answer to this question was more than clear: “To achieve better results, we must improve the process“.

The Turning point

Rather than continuing to work “harder” to achieve the desired quality results, the JR Studio team decided to work “smarter”. This was not an easy decision to come to, having already progressed so far along in the development process (difficult as it was), however, as JR Studio COO, Marco Colaco admits “nothing worthwhile comes easily”, and “As soon as the realization was made for an absolute need to improve the development process, not only for ourselves but for the industry overall, it wasn’t hard to accept taking a couple steps backward, to prime for a giant leap forward”.

JR Studio’s shift to developing Cloud Services for modern game development

To solve the common issues with efficiency and resource management that typically prevent projects from achieving their full potential, JR Studio has shifted its focus from developing individual games to developing Cloud Services (Rootz) for modern game development.

JR Studio is creating an ecosystem that streamlines and secures the development process by standardizing and automating much of the back-end work with an easy-to-integrate platform that helps game-makers develop, launch, and run (blockchain) games without hassle or headaches. The Rootz cloud services will be available to developers as an all-in-one solution that serves as the natural complement to game-engine development tools like Unity and Unreal engine with simple-to-integrate SDKs in a modular design.

With Rootz, gaming studios can focus on more interesting tasks in game development

From a developer’s perspective, Rootz not only acts as an integration layer for all the nuances specific to the blockchain (like cross-chain, and multi-chain services) but also includes 24/7/365 operations and management, security monitoring, data analytics, and of course, multi-player services. Rootz empowers gaming studio’s with a full self-service dashboard to access all game statistics, data, and health made available in real-time and on-demand so they can monitor everything from a single pane of glass.

Relieving game studios of over 40% of the workload (and 1000’s of lines of custom-built code) allows them to focus their resources on game logic, gameplay, and creating an unmatched end-user experience. Likewise, markedly reducing all the management aspects once the game is live decreases time, cost, and concern. The Rootz platform acts as a cheat code in the development process that not only makes the jump to web3 seem less daunting for traditional game developers but significantly lightens the load for existing blockchain game developers as well.

Baby steps to leaps and bounds, riding the coming wave with the support of industry leaders

Self-awareness is one of the most important traits a business can have. As problem solvers above all else, the team at JR Studio could not continue developing uphill while ignoring the glaring inefficiencies they saw in the market. Once they realized a successful outcome for the Jungle Race game line was heavily dependent on the overall efficiency of the development process, they shifted immediate intentions from developing games to pioneering solutions in the form of the Rootz platform. Although the decision was not taken lightly, it has proven to be the right one and is fully supported by all current investors.

With three projects waiting in queue to integrate into the baseline component (multiplayer services) of the early-stage version of the Rootz platform, the innovations are already making an impact. With the help from technology (and grant) partners like Microsoft and their [email protected] Azure program, Reef Chain, and Oasis Protocol as well as support from some of the most prominent names in blockchain, including Polygon, Iota, Shimmer, Oasys chain,, AscendEX and, the team at JR Studio is confident that they are on the right track to provide world-class solutions and be a lead player in the industry for years to come.

For more information on collaboration, investment, or to become an early customer/tester of subsequent releases of Rootz, please visit:

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