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Industry leader Hero Loupes® redefines the way dental and medical professionals practice.

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Industry leader Hero Loupes® redefines the way dental and medical professionals practice.

November 02
14:36 2022
Hero Loupes developed eye-opening game-changer dental loupes that deliver the most ergonomic position for the healthcare provider with a crisp image, high magnification, and semi-adjustable convergence angle and working distance.

Dental industry leader Hero Loupes® is revolutionizing how healthcare heroes practice dentistry after creating Ergo-Loupes Rebel™ SIDEKICK™ and EVO™. The latest and lightest dental surgical loupes address neck and back pain as well as nose pain! Hero Loupes® help provider sit upright and maintain a straight posture as they treat and care for their patients. 

The Hero Loupes® SIDEKICK™ is the first ergonomic product for dental assistants. The US-patented mirrored prism system allows professionals to see 60° below them.

Hero Loupes® Ergo-Loupes™ magnification is 1:1 ratio to traditional loupes. They have considered the increased distance from the straight posture and increased zoom for their design, so the optics deliver the same image as accustomed. With ergonomic loupes, verifying that the manufacturer provides magnifications 1:1 to traditional loupes is vital. Several ergonomic loupes manufacturers may exaggerate their loupes’ magnification to be 5x when it is 3x or 4x. This discrepancy may force providers to buy higher magnifications at increased prices. Ergo-Loupes, like the Hero Loupes® EVO 5x, have the same 5x magnification as a traditional prismatic 5x loupe. It weighs only 11 grams per loupe with frames of 20 grams, totaling just 42 grams. That makes Hero Loupes® EVO the lightest Ergo-Loupes™.

Hero Loupes® has also addressed the most common issue with ergonomic loupes, which is the obstruction beneath the loupes due to the downward bend of the loupes prism. This obstruction causes the provider to peek around the loupes from the side of the loupes to see, making it challenging to maneuver around the operatory to pick up instruments.

They have designed their loupes with the prism unit farther away from the eyes, reducing the downward extension of the optics system. With this design, there is no obstruction around the loupes, so the provider can easily navigate their surroundings and not require an assistant.

Hero Loupes® incorporated adjustability functions so dentists can obtain the optimal viewing experience to do the best work for their patients. This is currently patent pending. The self-adjustable working distance and convergence angle function have a resistance mechanism to lock in the position and settings. Once the working distance has been adjusted, the loupes can converge and synchronize images.

Other companies design their ergonomic loupes with the standard 45° angle. However, Hero Loupes® customizes their prisms with specific cuts and coatings and positions the optical axis differently to increase the deflection angle to achieve 49° (patented), alleviating any eye strains from the declination angle aspect. This extra 4° enhances the ergonomics because it reduces any declination angle. 

Those who wish to learn more about Hero Loupes® and its game-changing features may visit its website at or follow its Facebook page at and Instagram page at @heroloupes  for more information.

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