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The Digital Asset Exchanges in the Digital Asset Times

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The Digital Asset Exchanges in the Digital Asset Times

September 29
11:48 2022

The trend of the times: all human assets will eventually be digitized, the process of asset digitization is inevitable and irreversible, and the blockchain greatly improves the speed of this transformation. But just as the internet went through a bubble, the current downturn in blockchain and digital assets can be interpreted as a hibernation period before the rapid growth. At present, the relative stability of digital assets is not a bad thing. Digital assets are an investment product, but they must not be regarded as an object that can be hyped up. This will not only leave the market in a serious bubble to the detriment of investors, but will also further hinder the development of blockchain technology. The market settling down is conducive to practitioners and investors deepening their thinking about digital assets and providing energy storage for subsequent development.

There are thousands of digital asset trading platforms around the world, but they are a mixed bag and users are often at a loss when it comes to choosing an exchange. This is a list about the details of six Exchanges.

The first is Binance, the world’s largest digital asset exchange with the industry’s most advanced security measures and strict data privacy control policies, a well-established ecology, supporting for a wide range of digital asset derivatives such as contracts and options, and a wide range of trading options, making it a great choice for users with high trading volumes.

Next is Coinbase. Coinbase is an established digital asset exchange founded in 2012. It is also the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States by trading volume. The characteristics of this exchange are stability, simple interface and strong liquidity, which is suitable for long-term operation.

Third is Coinmama, a long-established trading platform that was founded in 2013 and although it doesn’t support as many coins as Binance or Coinbase, it has a very simple process and is decentralised for trading bitcoins without the need to go through a middleman, making it a great trading platform for newbies.

The fourth is TXTCoin, a newcomer to the digital asset trading sector, which has been around for a short time but is highly distinctive, with a very complete range of digital asset derivatives and a strong emphasis on user experience, with a good reputation among its users, for traders who value user experience. 

The fifth is FTX. Founded in 2019, FTX supports more than 180 encrypted digital currency transactions, and has successively launched derivative trading services such as options, contracts, and leverage. Its transaction rates are relatively low, and it is suitable for users of high-frequency trading.

Last but not least is NDAX, a Canadian-based digital asset trading platform whose most important feature is that it is fully integrated into the Canadian banking system, has no cap on coin-filled deposits and meets the high quality, security and compliance standards required by individual or institutional investors for traders with high security requirements.

Of the above exchanges, Binance, Coinbase, Coinmama and FTX are all relatively well known in the industry and are largely familiar to everyone, why TXTCoin and NDAX in the list? As digital assets have taken hold, there are more and more types and ways to trade them, and the need for personalisation is becoming more and more important. Those exchanges that have their own characteristics and can meet the different preferences of users should also be valued and recommended.

TXTCoin is a dark horse in the filed of digital asset exchange. It supports a wide variety of digital asset transactions. The platform provides encrypted asset transactions (including spot, margin, options), encrypted asset management, (such as quantitative funds, ETH Layer2), and encrypted asset storage and other services. All digital assets and their financial extensions can be found on TXTCoin. Besides, TXTCoin is a boutique platform that attaches great importance to the user experience and is constantly improving and upgrading its products and services. The operation process is simple and user-friendly, but does not omit security and compliance, making it ideal for both novice and professional investors. The platform actively opens and shares information, sincerely helps all investors, and has a very high reputation among users. Thirdly, TXTCoin is also an exchange with great universal value and humanistic care. In order to help the Ukrainian people, the exchange has established a Ukrainian Charity Fund, promising that 1% of all transaction fees will be included in the fund, which is specifically designed to improve the lives of war-affected people in Ukraine. TXTCoin has donated more than $1 million in goods to the people of Ukraine. If investors are looking for a more comprehensive range of investments and place a high value on user experience, then TXTCoin might suit you.

Let’s look at NDAX, an exchange whose philosophy is to work with regulators and financial institutions to set standards for the Canadian cryptocurrency industry. Due to their strong compliance system, client funds are not sent overseas or to other jurisdictions, but remain in segregated bank accounts in Canada, legally separate from NDAX working capital, in compliance with the Bank of Canada Act, providing an additional level of security. In addition, NDAX keeps most of its users’ digital assets in an offline multi-signature wallet, which is quite different from most exchanges that keep users’ assets online, and the offline wallet greatly improves the security of users’ assets. NDAX also places great importance on the novice user experience, as new users of the platform can trade over 30 digital assets very easily, while for experienced or professional traders, the platform also has dedicated advanced features and trading tools to meet their more in-depth needs.

2022 is the year when blockchain and digital assets enter a stable period. The market settling down is conducive to practitioners and investors deepening their thinking about blockchain and digital assets and providing energy storage for subsequent development. The diversity of digital assets is gradually emerging, and the financial interests of traders are becoming more and more diversified, which will further increase the segmentation of exchanges. There are more than six exchanges in the crypto world, We hope that users will not blindly follow or believe, but can personally experience the differences between different exchanges according to their own needs, so that they can make wise choices.

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