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Droplet Lab Has Introduced a Revolutionary Product That Allows Smartphone-Based Scientific Measurements

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Droplet Lab Has Introduced a Revolutionary Product That Allows Smartphone-Based Scientific Measurements

September 27
08:57 2022
With an app and the Dropometer, students and professionals alike can now utilize their smartphones to take precise scientific measurements. The software has multiple add-on options so one can use precisely the features they need.

When it comes to science, precision is of the utmost importance. Measurements have to be accurate, or results could be wrong. In some cases, small inaccuracies in measurements can cause a poor end product for the client. 

Droplet lab has developed a flagship product that is revolutionizing scientific measuring devices. Their Dropometer is a smartphone-based device that can provide multiple types of measurements with complete accuracy. 

How it works and what it does

The Dropometer is a measuring device that pairs with a smartphone app. This innovative tensiometer has the ability to measure surface tension, contact angle, sliding angle, and surface energy with a single device. 

Whereas many scientific measuring devices are bulky and expensive, the Dropometer has a sleek and easy-to-maneuver design at a reasonable price. This makes it accessible not just for professional labs but for universities and students as well.

This is currently the only smartphone-based tensiometer backed by peer-reviewed technology and suitable for use in corporate and academic settings. 

A new version of the instrument was recently introduced. It’s called the DIY model. This open-source design is given to the client and they are able to have it 3D printed locally. This cuts the pricing down by quite a bit, offering an even more affordable option. 

Coming soon

Droplet Lab has quite a few new, exciting features and additions coming. They’re introducing a software subscription that has startups in mind. It will allow them to monitor costs and keep them in check while still getting what they need. 

Droplet Lab will also be introducing discounts based on the country the device is purchased in to encourage new customers and make surface science more accessible. 

For the first time, iPhones will be included in the smartphones that are useable with the device. Previously, the smartphone that needed to be used was a pre-approved android phone model. This opens the use to a much larger group of people. 

They are also developing custom holders for fabric samples in the future, giving even more convenience and accuracy for the consumer.

Even more features and units are being added, making improvements to the device and the app that is used with it.


Droplet Lab has designed a tensiometer that makes science more accessible to a wider range of people. They have plans to find partners in universities and schools to put more time and work into implementing the Dropometer in academic applications. 

They have many new, exciting features and enhancements coming to their already revolutionary product to continue developing it to the best it can be.

With customizable software and hardware, the Dropometer can be ordered to suit any needs, providing precise measurements for corporate and academic applications. 

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