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Veteran Producer Maxie D. Collier Releases Hip-Hop AI Collection 1, A Digital Memoir, AI Art Book And Canvas Series

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Veteran Producer Maxie D. Collier Releases Hip-Hop AI Collection 1, A Digital Memoir, AI Art Book And Canvas Series

September 24
02:21 2022

Veteran indie filmmaker, publisher, and technologist Maxie D. Collier writes and publishes the graphic novel style memoir “Hip-Hop AI Collection 1” and companion canvas art collections, using 100% fully computer-generated AI art.

Seasoned digital media publisher Maxie D. Collier is excited to announce the release of his highly anticipated graphic novel and canvas art series titled “Hip-Hop AI Collection 1.”  Recently, social media feeds are full of magnificent, diverse computer-generated images created by artificial intelligence (AI) art applications like Midjourney, Crayion, and Dall-E.

Collier has harnessed this power of AI art to illustrate and publish “Hip-Hop AI Collection 1” a stunning, 200 page, full-color, graphic novel style memoir, accompanied by a series of beautiful fine art, framed canvases.

“Hip-Hop AI Collection 1” is one of the first autobiographical graphic novels published with 100% AI generated art.  The manuscript chronicles Collier’s journey from a child in the 1970s, to personal computers and publishing in the 80s, to building a bicoastal career working in film, TV, and technology.

Collier shares recollections, stories and lessons learned during his 40+ years of using personal computers, art, hip-hop, and entrepreneurship to publish bestselling books (“The iFilm Digital Video Filmmakers Handbook”), produce classic narrative and documentary films (“BMORE Hacks”, “Paper Chasers”) and pursue his passions as a creative entrepreneur.

“The new AI art tools allow us to turn words into vivid images. These are tools I’ve dreamed of, researched, and written about for the past two decades,” said Maxie D. Collier, filmmaker and publisher. “I’m so excited to have them in our hands, allowing us to create rich media, faster and more accurately than ever. It was a thrill to use these services to illustrate part one of my memoir. The companion canvas art, NFTs, and virtual galleries help me take the project to a whole other level of multimedia, a multi-format storytelling that was science fiction not long ago,” Collier emphasizes.

As an early adopter of digital media and a trailblazer in digital filmmaking, ecommerce, and social media, Collier is no stranger to firsts. In 1998, he wrote and self-published “The Digital Video Filmmaker’s Handbook”, one of the earliest bestselling books on digital filmmaking. He licensed the book to iFilm Networks, one of the earliest venture funded video streaming platforms.

Today, Maxie and his wife, Schatar Sapphira Collier, own and operate New Vista Studios, a production and e-learning company, as well as Super Livestreams, a live streaming app and content company that operates 6 OTT TV channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, including Black Reflections TV, Docs And Reality TV, Mystery House TV, and others.

Schatar says, “Maxie has always been technologically far ahead of the curve. He saw the need to apply this new technology to create products swiftly and efficiently for today’s modern consumer – everything from books to canvases to luggage. Each item is a beautiful piece of art – created with AI.”

Maxie D. Collier’s new book is a blend of autobiography and history, told through the lens of computer graphics and hip-hop. It is a personal account of Collier’s life and works, and a valuable resource for anyone interested in the history of digital media.

Collier says, “With this launch, we create a pipeline and platforms that will help develop, publish, and elevate the creative works of a new generation of storytellers, powered by these new AI media production tools. I’m grateful to be a part of this 5th wave of digital tools that transform media production and distribution.”

“Hip-Hop AI Collection 1” premium photobook is now available in print on Amazon. Browse the full Hip-Hop AI Collection 1 canvas art at For a chance to win a “Hip-Hop AI” book or canvas, please visit

About Maxie Collier & Super Livestreams

Maxie D. Collier is the founder and CEO of Super Livestreams Inc. which develops, produces, and promotes video and livestreaming apps, channels, and content. The company’s Roku channels include Black Reflections TV, Documentary And Reality TV, Mystery House TV, and others, reaching more than 250,000 homes.  Schatar Sapphira Collier is the company’s co-founder and CMO. 

About Arts Collection AI

Arts Collection AI is a multimedia production and marketing platform, offering distinct lines of AI illustrated books, video and apparel.  For more, see link above for Arts Collection AI.

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