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Is Championships R Us On Pace to Exceed the Expectations of Even Their Toughest Critics?

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Is Championships R Us On Pace to Exceed the Expectations of Even Their Toughest Critics?

August 18
17:27 2022
Predicted by experts to be a Unicorn. Championships R Us may become a billion dollar company sooner versus later.

Is Championships R Us On Pace to Exceed the Expectations of Even Their Toughest Critics?

Is Championships R Us On Pace to Exceed the Expectations of Even Their Toughest Critics? Predicted by experts to be a Unicorn. Championships R Us may become a billion dollar company sooner versus later.  According to its CEO & Founder, GODDESS (Taajah M. Phenezy) Championships R Us is the largest collection of National & International Championships.  What gives them the rights to claim ownership of all these championships?  We’ve confirmed that over the last few years, GODDESS has managed to purchase the dot com for the National Championship of all the major sports, arts and cards events.  You only need to have a basic understanding of business to know that Amazon, Google, Facebook and every other fortune 500 company would have been forced to choose a different name if they couldn’t acquire their corresponding dot com. Think about it.  When was the last time you actually visited a dot net website?  I haven’t.  

Is it even possible for a company to go from zero to a billion in only a few short years?  Avant proved it is.  They currently own this record.  Avant became a unicorn in only one month and 16 days.  The odds are definitely against Championships R Us.  A business only has a 0.00006% chance of ever reaching unicorn status.  GODDESS may have a hidden advantage as a woman and a Marine Corps Veteran.  In 2022 alone, 66 unicorns are led by women founders.  Add the Veteran status, and I wouldn’t bet against GODDESS and her team.  

To make Championships R Us stronger, GODDESS recently partnered with Don Reilly, a businessman from Kentucky.  ‘I saw the passion in Don’s eyes when he spoke about his wife, children and even my deceased son.  My son, KJ, is the reason why Championships R Us even exists. This all started with The National Basketball Championship.  It’s important to know that Don also gives back to society by fixing and building homes for Veterans with their own resources. As a Marine Corps Combat Veteran, his work with Veterans is important to me.    I couldn’t imagine not having him as a partner and Vice President,’ says GODDESS.

In 2021, the NCAA made over 1 billion in revenue from sporting events and merchandise.  That’s a hefty amount.  However, the NCAA comes with millions of loyal fans. These fans show up yearly and they spend lots of money in support of their teams.  Championships R Us doesn’t have millions of fans. Here’s a question. Do they even need fans?  They really only need participants who want to win great prizes and earn the title of National Champion.  They need athletes and artists who are good at what they do.  That’s what makes Championships R Us unique and different. They don’t need fans.  If you’re a leader in your sport or art, you are likely to be excited to be The National Champion.  Championships R Us provides you that opportunity.  They give you the chance to prove you’re the best.  The world spends almost 500 billion on sports.  If they were to get a half of a half of a half of a percent of that, they would still be a very healthy and successful company.  That wouldn’t make them a unicorn.  

I had to dig deeper into the company in order to determine whether or not Championships R Us has the product to make it a future billion dollar company.  I was surprised to see that they have a few other national championships that just may make that happen for them.  They also own The National Film Championship & The National Poker Championship.  Billions are spent in the gaming industry and poker leads that list.  

I asked a couple of my friends who actually play poker if they would consider playing in The National Poker Championship.  One was ready to sign up immediately.  He’s a poker guru and plays in as many tournaments as possible.  The other asked a few questions and ultimately said he would definitely play.  That was a small market research, but Championships R Us may find their unicorn here.  I can’t imagine why a poker player wouldn’t want to be The National or International Poker Champion.

My favorite is The National Film Championship.  The film industry is huge.  Film just breathes artistic freedom.  Film can encompass music, dance, sports and gaming.  It’s everything that Championships R Us is about.  The access to more affordables cameras and phones have made it possible for the everyday, aspiring filmmaker to make a quality movie or show. You can find a film festival somewhere practically every weekend.  If they can find a way to tap into this $200 billion dollar market, The National Film Championship alone could make them a unicorn.  1% of 200 billion = a happy GODDESS. Btw.  They even have their own network.  As a bold move, they’ve created The Champions’ TV so that they can air all of their own live and taped championships.  They also plan to have movies, shows and other content. You can find them on Roku & Fire TV.  They’re right there with all the heavy hitters.  GODDESS was proud to say, ‘We didn’t want to have to beg another network to air our National Championships, so we created our own network.  We now have a spot for the little guys and gals.  I’d like to thank all of the majors for telling me no!  Your ‘no’ inspired me!’

No-one truly knows whether or not Championships R Us will be a billion dollar company.  From what I’ve seen, the product is there.  Spend any amount of time speaking with GODDESS and you’ll know that they have the right people and passion.  Last, but not least is the process.  Will they be able to follow through and complete the process?  I’ve seen the plan and it looks great.  I can only wish that I had thought of this idea. From here on out, the world can only watch or participate in one of their championships.  Personally, I’m ready to watch and go along for the ride!

To contact Championships R Us, you may visit their website @ www.Championships R or call them at 844-To-Be-Champion (844-862-3242) – Max

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