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Albuquerque Tree Experts Helps a Homeowner Increase Home Value Before Selling

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Albuquerque Tree Experts Helps a Homeowner Increase Home Value Before Selling

August 18
16:21 2022


Albuquerque, New Mexico – A few years ago Justin, a homeowner in Albuquerque wanted to sell his house but he didn’t get a buyer willing to buy it at the cost he wanted. Earlier today, Justin told reporters that he had done a lot of re-innovation, but his home still didn’t get a buyer.


“After building a new house,” said Justin narrating the struggles the family went through trying to sell the home, “the family thought of selling the older one since they had already vacated. Everyone in the house knew it was a simple task as according to them, it was still in a good condition. However, it turned out to be hard as the family couldn’t find a buyer. The family decided to renovate the home by painting it new and correcting all the worn-out parts. Even with all the changes, the willing buyers were offering very small money.”

Justin noted that he reached out to his friend dealing with buying and selling of homes in California for help. He noted that it is through him the family learned about Albuquerque Tree Experts.

“After contacting James who deals with buying and selling homes in California,” said Justin, “he advised the family to find a nearby tree service company to plant more trees in the surrounding. James noted that in his whole career he has learned that clients enjoy purchasing houses in green and leafy surroundings. He told the family to try using Albuquerque Tree Experts. He claimed the company had carried out the same procedure for his cousin living here in Albuquerque. He sent the contacts and the family reached out to the company immediately.”

To know how Albuquerque Tree Experts operates, visit the company’s official website:

Justin noted that the company started working on the landscape the following day.

“The family had called Albuquerque Tree Experts at 10 pm, therefore, it wasn’t possible to carry out the process at that time since it was not an emergency,” said Justin. “However, the following day the team arrived at the landscape before the family did. The team confirmed that the best way to improve the home’s value is by planting semi-mature trees, ground cover, and shrubs to make it more appealing. The team cleaned the working area and within a few hours, it was done planting everything. They did this at a very affordable cost.”

Justin noted that the team advised him to make sure the trees and shrubs had enough water always.

“A few weeks after watering the landscape as the family was asked to,” said Justin, “the landscape had changed to a more appealing view. The family gave it 2 more months and started looking for a buyer. It was surprising to hear buyers quote double the price the family had received. On telling the wife, she insisted not to sell the house at that time but wait a little bit longer to see if its value continues appreciating.”

Justin noted that the family chose to work with Albuquerque Tree Experts for all the care services to make sure that things get better.

“The family worked with the company in all the tree care services needed,” said Justin. “The company fertilized the trees, pruned, and trimmed. Luckily, they were never infected with any diseases.”

Justin noted he sold his house a year later. He urged homeowners wishing to add their home value or make it more appealing to reach out to Albuquerque Tree Experts.

“A year later the home was ready for selling,” said Justin. “The family posted the home photo on its social media and in the same week, the family received over a hundred phone calls from willing buyers. It was now on the family to choose to whom to sell the house. The family sold the home at a very high price, all thanks to James for connecting the family with the best tree care company. The family is planning to work with the company soon in the new landscape. Homeowners looking forward to improving their house value or making it more appealing should reach out to Albuquerque Tree Experts.”

Albuquerque Tree Experts office is located at 6001 Menaul Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States. The company can also be reached at +1 505-594-4798 and [email protected]

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