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How to Keep Track of One’s Mileage Rate As Shared by

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How to Keep Track of One’s Mileage Rate As Shared by

June 30
23:45 2022
How to Keep Track of One’s Mileage Rate As Shared by

Now more than ever, it is beneficial to be reimbursed for business expenses. Gas prices are outrageously high, and even quick trips can cost more than normal. Protect time and money by using an app that will track the details of one’s drive to report any business trips accurately. Even a quick trip to the store should be tracked so that miles can be reimbursed. Mileage tracking apps such as MileIQ make it easy to email a snapshot to CPAs and accountants to claim mileage deductions on taxes confidently. 

Why Track?

Tracking mileage makes it easy to log each drive without the hassle of writing it down and saving receipts. Sometimes people choose not to track their miles because they don’t want to deal with the paper trail. It can be hard to remember what trip would have counted as a business trip and which ones would be personal. Being able to track through an app automatically takes the guesswork out of tracking miles. An app allows the process to be fully customized based on business needs. It is not a federal requirement to reimburse miles, but the mileage reimbursement tied to state worker rate makes it, so the employee is reimbursed for expenses.

Is it Worth the Cost? 

Mileage tracker apps are convenient and affordable. Most trackers are a low monthly cost. With data privacy, cloud access, customer support, and monthly reports, the cost is well worth it. If one needs special team rates, look for a mileage app tracker that provides custom rates. When one considers that miles can be deducted from taxes, it is best to have miles tracked with an app that is well-versed in tax deductions. Visit IRS mileage rates to find out more. An app simplifies the process so that each trip can be set to business or personal. The app can recognize frequent destinations by use of GPS, so one will not have to constantly tell the app when to track and when the trip is personal. 

Smart and Safe

According to, the use of an app can make a big difference in how one’s routine unfolds from day to day. Instead of having to constantly think about where one will be driving and how many miles will be driven, use an app that is set to track frequent destinations. Any data will immediately be saved so that it can be reviewed and reimbursed at the end of the month. Every trip can be saved to the cloud so that doing audits and looking back at the previous month’s mileage rate can easily be viewed. This will allow one to scan all trips to verify which ones should be logged as a business expense.

Taking measures to ensure one’s employee’s rights are protected will make the relationship between the employee and the company strong and trustworthy. The security and accuracy of having a tracker for mileage will protect the employer and the employee. If an employee were to fall below minimum wage by paying for their business expenses, legal action could be taken. 

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