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EZDex successfully launched a new feature, the world’s first Swap Hunter – making investing easy

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EZDex successfully launched a new feature, the world’s first Swap Hunter – making investing easy

January 28
10:57 2022

Newyork-EZDex will lead the DeFi market with the development of Swap Hunter in 2022.

Before decentralized exchanges or DEXs entered the public eye, competition in the market has mainly been between various centralized exchanges. From products to services, and from assets to traffic, the level of competition in trading and between exchanges has been unimaginable.

Then, in 2021, EZDex entered the market. With a strong community and tech team, EZDex began its ascent into being an influential player in the digital asset world, quickly building out its platform and listing on Uniswap V3 with $720,000 in trading volume on just its first day.


Then, in September, 2021, EZDex launched its decentralized wealth management product, EZSave. Once launched, it received unanimous praise both inside and outside the community.

All along the way EZDex has been committed to serving users and reducing risks and does its best to provide users with high-quality investment vehicles. Now in January, 2022, EZDex is launching a new product that will help investors take advantage of massive gem-buying opportunities in the market, Swap Hunter.

Swap Hunter monitors the market looking for coins that launch on Uniswap with a high growth potential, filtering out low-potential coins and leaving only the high-potential gems.

There is fierce competition between coins in the market right now and Swap Hunter is able to pick out the dark horses, the coins that seemingly come out of nowhere and rise to unimaginable heights.

There are new investment opportunities arising all the time in this market and competition is fierce. Swap Hunter is seeking to make it easier for investors to invest in the coins with the most potential without having to worry about all of that.


Swap Hunter is able to do this by creating a hierarchy of filters that helps to systematize the method of choosing coins. The following are some of the criteria that Swap Hunter uses to screen potential gems:

Swap Hunter Gem Hunting Strategy

The coin has been listed on Uniswap in the last two weeks;

The coin has successfully launched on Uniswap V2 or V3;

The number of token holders must be greater than 5,000;

The number of transactions must be above 10,000;

Most token holders should have a non-trivial amount of the token in their wallet;

Must have at least 3 established social media channels with a certain number of followers and activity.

E.g.: Has an official Twitter account with more than 1,000 followers, etc.

If there are no new coins listed on Uniswap in the last two weeks that meet the criteria, Swap Hunter will choose the coins with the highest potential that meet the other five non-time-related criteria.

How to Use Swap Hunter

Users need only to visit the EZDex home page (, go to the Swap Hunter tab, and select the currency they would like to pay with (ETH/USDC/USDT) to purchase high-potential digital assets from the market. After the purchase is completed, the digital assets will automatically be sent to your wallet.


Not only that, Swap Hunter also offers EZX rewards for trading and sharing Swap Hunter with your friends.

EZDex will continue to change and adapt to the market in order to better serve our users and expand the EZDex community. The EZDex ecosystem is constantly improving and its new launch of Swap Hunter represents that ethos. EZDex will continue to work hard to improve all parts of the DeFi ecosystem so that users everywhere can have a better experience. EZDex will lead a new era in DeFi with the growth of new and innovative digital asset applications. EZDex will continue to create greater value, better DeFi experiences, and new and exciting surprises for our users and community in the future,Stay tuned.

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