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SaberMasters unveils revolutionary, game-changing lightsabers

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SaberMasters unveils revolutionary, game-changing lightsabers

September 06
18:33 2021
Fueled by frustration of triumphant moments ruined by a broken saber, Star War fans Viktor and Blagovest, the team behind SaberMasters, decided to bring the highest quality sabers that are all the rage right now in the Star Wars fandom galaxy.

Leading company SaberMasters continues to make headway in the global market after introducing a revolutionary and game-changing lightsaber worthy of a daily duel.

While many companies have attempted to come close to making the real deal, Viktor Stoilov said no one really put in the quality worthy of a Jedi knight.

“This is where SaberMasters comes into the picture. We wanted the best quality sabers, and it became clear that only fans like ourselves would listen to other fans and provide what fans want, so we had to do it ourselves,” says Viktor, co-founder of SaberMasters.

Viktor says the frustration of triumphant moments ruined by a broken saber, compounded by suppliers reluctant to respond to feedback from fans, fueled the SaberMasters team to rise to the challenge in bringing the best quality sabers to the community. 

The SaberMasters LightSaber is available in 11 colors, with six different sound settings in each device. It has movie-quality effects like blaster sound, lock up loop, and flash on clash. The device is ultra-strong for sustained dueling and features ultra-loud sound volume, and bright lightsaber LED lights.

The SaberMasters LightSaber has a sensitive swing and clash sound and stylish and comfortable hilt. Users can connect two sabers directly to make one double-blade saber.

“The device is crafted from the same polycarbonate used in riot shields, equipping the saber blades to withstand even the most intense duels,” explains Viktor. 

The hilt is made from the highest-quality aircraft-grade aluminum alloy to give fans the perfect weight distribution to strike down their opponents and fulfill their destiny.

In a review, Michael M. commended the SaberMasters team for coming up with a product that’s exceptionally durable at a very reasonable price compared to other vendors.

“If you enjoy a simple and effective hilt for students and dueling, these are the sabers to go to,” Michael wrote in a review.

On the other hand, Taylor H. said she has been shopping around for an affordable lightsaber for quite a while and was glad that she chose the SaberMasters LightSaber.

“They’re sturdy enough for dueling, bright, loud, and heaps of fun. Learning to adjust volume, sounds, and color took a hot minute. However, once I got the hang of it, it became intuitive,” Taylor wrote in a separate review.

She adds, “The option to join two at the hilt to create a double-bladed Darth Maul style unit, combined with the “buy one, get one free” offer from April 2021 resulted in me really receiving three toys for the price of one.”

Customers can get double-bladed fun at a fraction of the cost. They can add 2 Ultimate Sabers to the cart and enjoy double-bladed battles. 

To create a saberstaff, customers need the Ultimate Saber Connector. For a limited time, each order with two or more sabers comes with a free connector. 

Customers can take advantage of this offer and get themselves two Ultimate Sabers by visiting the website to get started. 

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