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The Ask Dr. Reilly Show Empowers People To Turn Trauma Into Power

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The Ask Dr. Reilly Show Empowers People To Turn Trauma Into Power

August 05
01:33 2021
The Ask Dr. Reilly Show Empowers People To Turn Trauma Into Power
In her YouTube talk show, Dr. Anissa Reilly provides support and empowerment to people going through difficult times in their lives. Primarily she hosts women, while sometimes men also become the receiver of soothing light by Dr. Reilly. Her slogan Triumph-N-Trauma enables everyone to break the chains holding them back.

Many people in today’s world face hardships and struggles in their lives. Some of them go through traumatic events if faced with unspeakable acts. These people need support to carry on their lives and live to their fullest. In this regard, Dr. Anissa Reilly offers a program to boost the self-esteem of such people. In her efforts to help people, especially the girls facing traumas and other dire events, she hosts a talk show. When someone goes through a grim situation in their lives, they are left empty and shallow. Dr. Anissa Reilly helps such people turn this trauma-residue into power. She talks about victory as “Triumph-how we show up in relationships.” Dr. Reilly stays active on social media to connect with her supporters. She can be reached out to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Her show, The Ask Dr. Reilly Show, uncovers a person’s hidden power. She helps people channel their negativities into empowerment and success. This show runs for about twenty to thirty minutes and focuses on abuse, domestic violence, rape, sexuality, and how these dreary acts have impacted society. She talks about her show and says: “The show is birthed out of the traumas I have personally faced. The theme of each season is centered on a specific trauma I have endured and emerged triumphant. My guests allow themselves to be vulnerable and share their stories around the slogan Triumph-N-Trauma” The Ask Dr. Reilly Show also streams on Dame Dash Studios.

Besides the talk show Dr. Anissa Reilly is also working on a book. The book’s name has been inspired by the archetype “Wounded Healer,” as described by the psychologist Carl Jung. The book has been named: “Wounded Healer: Turning Life’s Messes into Messages of Hope-From Violence to Victory ” In the book, she describes her life events. She talks about the hardships she faced as a young woman. Then later on, how she managed to channel those hardships and struggles to become who she is today. The book is already anticipated to be a bestseller.

Dr. Reilly is also a public speaker who helps a large audience. She has been a motivational speaker for well over thirty years. Her vast experience enabled her to write her first book, “The Five Buckets of Leadership: Speaking in the Moment” In addition to being a speaker, she has also been a principal of an elementary school. Moreover, she is the president and owner of Giant Step 6 LLC. Under this organization, she offers developmental support to national and global leaders to perform their operations effectively. 

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