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Rising Artist ZaRio’s Influence on the Resurgence of the R&B Genre in the Music Industry

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Rising Artist ZaRio’s Influence on the Resurgence of the R&B Genre in the Music Industry

July 02
02:03 2021
Rising Artist ZaRio’s Influence on the Resurgence of the R&B Genre in the Music Industry

The music industry is never short of creative individuals as new artists emerge every day, bringing something unique to the fray. Joining them is the gifted ZaRio, an artist who brings more than just melody to the industry.

ZaRio was eight years old when his heart got hooked on music, building a passion that would ultimately guide him to pursue a career in adulthood. He cultivated his passion, joining the choir in middle school. There the young artist fell even deeper in love with music. ZaRio continued to get deeply involved in music, leading and organizing the youth in Atlanta during his teenage years. 

As the young artist grew into his environment, another passion bloomed inside ZaRio as he started to delve more into activism. With a desire to help the community, ZaRio decided to actively pursue a role as a motivational speaker. Since then, he has become one of the most vocal individuals calling for leadership, change, and personal development within his community. However, his passion does not end there as he strives to call for change throughout the country and around the world. His unexpected journey into activism proved to make it difficult for him to balance his first love, music, and activism. Often, it is the latter that outshines his passion for music.

Although activism is an integral part of ZaRio’s identity, he pursued a career in music. He recently collaborated with co-producer Errol “EZ” Taylor to release his debut single, “She Don’t Know Love.” The song offers catchy, melodic sounds with beautiful harmonies that can take listeners back to the era when R&B dominated the music industry. ZaRio’s introduction to the music industry has brought back the genre into the spotlight as the song continues to climb up the charts at an incredible rate. On streaming platforms, the rising artist’s latest tracks have already hit over a million streams in the weeks following their release, even reaching the top ten on iTunes Charts.

With a growing fanbase and a reputation that is making the waves, ZaRio understands that he has been awarded a high platform to influence others, and he takes his role as an inspiration seriously. The young artist envisions his role to be a graceful leader. Whether it is music or activism, ZaRio strives to carry himself as a gentleman. His resolution can be reflected in the music video for “She Don’t Know Love” as his character offers his admiration with respect and genuine sincerity.

Since making his big break, ZaRio has received comparisons to some of the most legendary icons like Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, and Brian McKnight for their likeness in musical style. He attributes his success to his R&B vocal coach, Cynamman, who trained and educated ZaRio. 

Although his career has only just begun, ZaRio keeps the door open for acting in front of the cameras and theater. He is currently handling a few projects and hopes to take more significant steps a little way down the road. Regardless of what happens, ZaRio strives to make the greatest impact in the world and touch, heal, and inspire as many people as he can.

Learn more about ZaRio by visiting his official website. Stay updated on his latest track releases by following him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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