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Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutrition for Health and Mobility Through FreedomBody Transformation by FreedomBody Unlimited LLC

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Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutrition for Health and Mobility Through FreedomBody Transformation by FreedomBody Unlimited LLC

July 02
01:21 2021
FreedomBody Unlimited LLC has launched FreedomBody Transformation. This comprehensive lifestyle plan promotes health on all levels: diet, movement and mindset.

According to announcements released by FreedomBody Unlimited LLC and Emily Webb, its FreedomBody Transformation is a lifestyle transformation system that utilizes a whole foods plant-based nutrition program for health and wellness. The program also includes mobility training and flexibility training. Under the Beta launch of this program, the program offers 20 slots to interested individuals who can avail of a 50% discount. In addition, those who join along with a family member can get a hefty 75% waiver on the regular price. 

The 16-week comprehensive lifestyle plan is an opportunity to reclaim youth and health without counting calories, pills, or following fad diets. The benefits of FreedomBody Transformation include an increase in energy, a cleaner diet, reduced stress, weight loss, reacquisition of a full range of motion, regaining muscular strength and posture alignment

The course consists of 16 modules. Special bonus modules are focusing on core strength and shedding excess calories. The course delivers lasting results without using any crash diets that may or may not work. Its success comes from altering dietary habits through education and offering healthier choices. It fosters the right mindset and through active participation in exercise and movement. 

FreedomBody Transformation is ideal for those who keep planning to take the necessary steps to get their health back on track but cannot find the time or motivation to get started. Working professionals, middle-aged men and women, and those with a sedentary lifestyle will benefit immensely from this program. Participants can recover their natural movement through this program and get rid of fatigue and the stress that accumulates in the neck and back from hunching in front of the computer for too long.

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Emily Webb of FreedomBody Unlimited LLC said, “My Name is Emily Webb, and it is my passion to empower people through holistic nutrition, movement and mindset.  I help people reclaim their health & body in 16 weeks or less without pills, fad diets, or hardcore exercise so they can increase their energy, move w/ freedom, and live life to their fullest.

“FreedomBody was born from my deep desire to heal my own body, mind, and spirit,  move at my fullest potential, and truly feel amazing in my body for the rest of my life.

“I began my movement journey at the age of 5 with my first ballet class. After that, dance became a passion and was followed by another 40 years of movement – training horses, partner dance, yoga, martial arts, and fitness. While all of this was a lot of fun, after 40, my body began speaking up. After several injuries and body trauma, I was far from operating at my body’s optimum potential despite all my best intentions.  I was hurting and yearned to feel good in my body again, so I set out on a new journey to regain my FreedomBody.”

About the Company:

FreedomBody Unlimited LLC empowers participants to whole-body health and mental wellness through exercise, healthy whole foods plant based diet, and the development of the necessary mental fortitude to stay the course. The FreedomBody Transformation is its most comprehensive and practical course.

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