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Jawliner 2.0 targets facial muscles to create a stronger, younger, and healthier looking jaw

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Jawliner 2.0 targets facial muscles to create a stronger, younger, and healthier looking jaw

July 02
00:39 2021
Strengthen one of the body’s hardest working muscles by using the all-new training device for the mouth

July 1, 2021 – The shape of the face changes as people age. The older a person gets, the less defined their jawline becomes. While we regularly do exercise to target the legs, chest, arms, and other parts of the body, it is rare, mostly uncommon, for people to exercise the hard-working muscles in the face. Jawliner 2.0 is a muscle training device that specifically targets the jaw area to strengthen one of the body’s hardest working muscles.

Jawliner 2.0 was developed for jawline training using 100% BPA- and PVC-free food grade silicone. The ergonomic fit allows the muscle training device to easily fit into the mouth. The materials used in the device are guaranteed to last longer without losing power and strength. The all-new Jawliner 2.0 provides a firmer grip and a stronger bite than its predecessors. Jawliner 2.0 works courtesy of its elongated shape. Its covered holes provide higher resistance when biting, resulting in an even more powerful workout.

The temporalis, masseter, and pterygoideus medialis muscles are targeted by the Jawliner 2.0. Exercising these muscles in the jaw allows them to grow when stimulated by targeted training. In the end, users of the device will gain a more defined, younger, and healthier jawline.

A defined, stronger jaw isn’t just for cosmetic looks. A tighter jawline can improve a person’s back, neck, and shoulders, resulting in less pain in those areas. Strengthening exercises for the jaw can prevent pain in the neck, head, shoulders, and jaw according to studies. Jawline exercises may help reduce the effects of chronic pain in the jaw muscles, bones, joints, and nerves. So, not only can the Jawliner 2.0 improve a user’s looks, it can reduce pain in other areas of the upper body and head.

For more information on the Jawliner 2.0 or to purchase the jaw muscle training device, please visit the company’s official website. To see a demonstration of the Jawliner 2.0, please see this promotional video.

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