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Bypass Restrictions in Campus Wi-Fi’s with the Top Free VPN App

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Bypass Restrictions in Campus Wi-Fi’s with the Top Free VPN App

July 01
13:40 2021

In some countries, campuses are already open for face-to-face learning. Students, teachers, and other institution personnel are again spending more time on campuses, that’s why having a free campus wi-fi connection is a big help. It aids people in schools to have something to do- may it be to finish schoolworks or just to pass time during breaks.

Although a huge help, campus wi-fi connections can be a pill as several websites and other online contents like social media platforms and learning forums are blocked. The restriction makes it difficult for students who are doing research or even instantly contact someone in case of an emergency.

Not to mention, since this kind of wi-fi connection is public, users can come off as easy targets for cyberthieves. Also, the administrators of campus wi-fis can track and record the online activities of any user.

To circumvent cyberspace limitations in campus wi-fis, one does need to have a special software tool like a Virtual Private Network or a VPN. By connecting to a VPN, a user’s IP address will be concealed so that third parties in cyberspace, like campus wi-fi administrators, won’t be able to track down one’s online data.

With this, the user can have unlimited access to the internet. Also, having a boundless campus wi-fi connection is very helpful to students who live in campus dorms. These students spend an entire academic year in campus premises so there will be times where these people would get bored and want to catch up with families and friends via social media sites.

There are several VPN apps available nowadays and it can get overwhelming choosing one. Internet users need a high-quality VPN service that assures cyber protection and offers premium VPN services.

A top free VPN app like GoingVPN is suitable for every student and teacher. GoingVPN has a tight encryption process that guarantees total online security and privacy, so that users are safe from online breachers and hackers. Perfect for a public wi-fi like campus internet connections.

Also, GoingVPN provides an unlimited data bandwidth so that people who connect through campus wi-fis will be protected from different kinds of online threats at any given time.

This top free VPN app has something more to offer. Since a VPN can weaken a device’s performance or decrease internet speed, GoingVPN is powered by a lightning-speed technology so that people on campuses won’t be bothered by lags and buffers.


Being back on campus is exciting, especially after a year of remote learning. Interactions are more personal and sincere, plus all the resources that students need are more attainable. But when it comes to an unlimited campus wi-fi connection, one can count on GoingVPN.

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