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AEG Distro Helps Artists to Be Heard and Reinvents How Music Distribution Works

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AEG Distro Helps Artists to Be Heard and Reinvents How Music Distribution Works

July 01
11:58 2021

Addressing how the music industry is quickly adapting and growing with the technological and digital age for representation, specifically among artists with catchy beats to capture audiences easily, AEG Distro helps artists to be heard on the next level. The company’s distinct connections and visions bring attention to upcoming music stars and impact the music industry around the world as people know it.

The identities that music listeners provide are in flux since record stores closed and streaming algorithms took over. However, with music distribution companies leading the revival or the continued growth of the music industry during the pandemic, authentic artists that create the outlet of self-expression and entertainment reach more people.

Extremely mindful of the significance of music to today’s generation, AEG Distro, a newly founded music distribution company, rises with schemes similar to Distrokid and UnitedMasters. It ensures music artists and labels digital distribution and label services with trust and integrity in all that it does.

AEG Distro reinvents the ways of music distribution. While others tie down artists to exclusive record contracts, the company offers label services to artists without forcing anyone to continue partnerships that artists are not satisfied with. Through this, the company allows musicians, music labels, singers, and more to grow in their pace and, at the same time, lead clients and their music to a stepped-up game.

With hundreds of online music stores and streaming services worldwide, AEG Distro helps get singles and new songs online, with more opportunities to be discovered. Moreover, AEG Distro brings to the table advances on future royalties, social media marketing and promotion, music video development, and radio marketing and servicing to their clients. Revolutionizing the digital distribution methods, the company willingly offers music artists they work with these services.

Behind the motivation to build AEG Distro is its owner’s desire to have the freedom to make decisions for his development and the fellow artists he works with. He also hopes that more people will have the ability to help upcoming and established artists in releasing, marketing, and promoting music through the company.

Shortyo is known to be the “King of the Kounty,” with his works as a rapper and entrepreneur. He is also rising above his local sensation status with his pop-inspired hip-hop music as the vehicle for his clever wordplay and creations. Falling in love with hip-hop at a young age, his inspiration growing up was music from NWA, Eazy-e, and Ice-T. His album “King Of The Kounty” debuted successfully, claiming the 59th position in the US Billboard 200 charts. The rapper also received generally positive reviews from music critics that allowed him to be motivated.

His music represents his charismatic attitude and wisdom in life. When asked about the reason he continues to make hits, Shortyo shares, “I’m not into music for the money. I do it because I love it.” With a man like Shortyo heading AEG Distro, it is without a doubt to be an experience worth taking.

Learn more about AEG Distro by visiting its website.

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