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Introducing bobbl QUIZ: the #1 Trivia Gaming Experience Has Arrived in the United States

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Introducing bobbl QUIZ: the #1 Trivia Gaming Experience Has Arrived in the United States

July 01
14:57 2021

Arriving July 1, bobbl QUIZ’s Cutting-Edge Approach is Revolutionizing the Modern Mobile Gaming With An Innovative Twist

Nearly everyone who has played some sort of trivia game in their lifetime knows the drill; recall the correct answer as fast as possible. Simple enough, but what if the challenge was flipped? House of Quiz, a boutique gaming development company based in Denmark has taken the entire concept of trivia, flipped it on its head, added innovative coding technologies, and released bobbl QUIZ, the most cutting-edge mobile trivia game the world has ever seen. Today, bobbl QUIZ has been released in the United States and is available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play for iOS and Android devices.  

Conceptualized and created by Daniel Hjortholt and Henrik Ørum at House of Quiz, bobbl QUIZ is the tactful intersection between math and technology. Everything seen on the game with the exception of profile and category pictures, has been masterfully coded to curate an unparalleled, kitschy, colorful design that looks astonishing on Apple devices with retina display and Android equivalent display technology. Unlike any other game of its kind, bobbl QUIZ breaks free of the advertisement driven business model, to offer a self-sustainable “freemium” gaming experience, without interruptions from third-party advertisements.

Players can experience over 200 custom-tailored categories, offering hours of exciting entertainment for friends, family, and strangers alike. Each category has its own leaderboard, and houses over 150 questions to ensure that each trivia experience is entirely unique. Users can expect a puzzling thought process as they are challenges to go against natural instincts, to focus on strategy. 

After five years of intensive development, bobbl QUIZ is taking the world by storm for its never-before-seen approach to trivia in an arcade-style format. The objective is simple, yet challenges human instinct to cultivate critical thinking and strategy skills to recall the correct answer through the process of elimination. As more wrong answers are removed, more bobbl points are given, which are used by players to access new, fresh categories of trivia.

“We’re extremely excited to release our game in the US. bobbl QUIZ is like no other quiz experience. We want everybody to try this unique feel to playing quiz games as compared to the old classic way to quiz seen thousands of times before.”

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to cultivating an unparalleled gaming experience; House of Quiz’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with bobbl QUIZ. 

To learn more about bobbl QUIZ, please visit:

About House of Quiz

House of Quiz is a boutique gaming development company whose premier gaming experience bobbl QUIZ has turned the trivia world upside down. Founded in 2014, and based in Denmark, House of Quiz has effectively redefined the gaming industry through the strategic partnership of Daniel Hjortholt and Henrik Ørum. Working together with unique gifts in creativity and code, Daniel Hjortholt and Henrik Ørum developed bobbl QUIZ to be a self-sustainable trivia gaming experience that does not rely on third-party ads to make a profit, ensuring a seamless user experience. Available for both iOS and Android devices, bobbl QUIZ takes a never-before-seen approach to trivia, ruling winners by process of elimination as opposed to the immediate selection of the correct answers to challenge players to implement critical thinking skills while under pressure. Available in Denmark, bobbl QUIZ hits the US market on July 1, 2021.


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